Osaki OS 4000T Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS 4000T Massage Chair
  • ZERO-GRAVITY MASSAGER: Zero-gravity massage chair allows for the complete weight of your back is virtually supported by the backrest, maximizing...
  • UNIQUE FOOT ROLLER: Foot roller feature 2 rows of spinning reflexology massagers which provide a soothing kneading style application
  • REMOTE CONTROL: Simple-to-use wireless remote control allows you to operate the foot extension, leg rest, recline of backrest, and the...

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The Osaki 4000 series is a flagship lineup by Osaki. For this best Osaki 4000T massage chair, it’s an upgraded version of OS 4000 model with 30 inches long S track massaging Architecture.

The character “T” in this model depicts that it comes with foot rollers.

The 46 airbags, renowned hip and vibration massage, zero gravity position, and a low budget price tag, Osaki 4000T shines as a “best massage chair for all.”

The Best Selling Point of Osaki OS 4000T Massage Chair:

Pause Mode: Allows you to pause massage sessions and then resume it whenever you want. Many premium chairs lack this feature

DEMO mode: Supplies all combination of massaging techniques

Remote Controller with Mini Remote Controller: A big screen remote controller holds a wireless and portable mini remote controller which proffers you an extended control on your massage chair

Osaki OS 4000T Massaging Types and Features:

S track Rollers and Back Massage:

Osaki OS 4000T massage chair is a big package in a low budget limit. It carries all virtues which other premium recliners display with quite a hefty price.

One thing you have to judge about this chair straightly – this is NOT a thing for prominent bulky dudes.

Osaki 4000T model can ply heights from 5.2 to 6.2ft and weigh about 250Lbs. Moreover, the shoulder and waist seating space of this chair is 21” and 18”, respectively, which genuinely shows a bulky person can’t immerse into it like a child’s play.

This Osaki 4000T model attains a zero-gravity technology, which has further spiced up with two significant positions. 

Then, you can enjoy an angel of 120D for a better back, lower back, and shoulders pain relieving.

As you might know, your spine is not “Straight” in shape. So, there is a 30 inches S track massaging roller instrumented for better reach, comfort, and intensity to your back. This S track roller incites from your lower neck and ends to lower thighs.

When it reaches to the intensity of these rollers, Osaki 4000T lacks the roller intensity levels. Despite, the company gives you the option of double flip over back pads.

The upper back pad also has the Head cushion, which drops the intensity of the head massage. 

The secondary back pad is just like a shield against intense massaging in a case when you are not a fan of deep tissue massage.

Yet, you can flip both back pads and can take the leisure of intense roller massaging. But, notice that these back rollers are not 3D rollers so that you will experience a conventional massaging touch.

Foot Massage and Extendable Ottoman:

The Foot section has an extendable ottoman with hidden foot sensors. 

While activating the Zero Gravity position, these scanners make the ottoman to dynamically extend and shrink for better height calculation.

As far as you are the right candidate against the height specs, these foot sensors acknowledge the ottoman to get finely adjusted according to the length of your legs.

The foot section is designed with a combination of air cell and roller massage. Then again, this roller massage makes this chair an upgraded version of the Osaki OS 4000 model.

The foot section also has calves and leg airbags that stimulate the blood in your legs and softens the stiff muscles.

Air Bags and Compression Massage:

The Osaki 4000T model is loaded with an army of 46 airbags. If you firstly look at the chair, the seating area gives a fatty look just because of these airbags.

The air cell massaging has got five intensity levels to fine-tune the compression or squeezing at a position where it relaxes you the most.

 Starting from shoulders and going down to your legs, Osaki 4000T chair provides arm, lower back, hips, lumbar, buttock, and thigh compression massaging.

The seating has also got “Under the Seat” airbags, which inflates and comforts your buttock. Meanwhile, the side by side thigh airbags does a chiropractor like a job to your lower back posture.

Furthermore, this seat features a vibration massage, which is a new kind of thing in such a low price model chair.

Heat Massaging Options:

Along with the roller and airbags massaging, heat therapy is also an ingredient in this quality chair. Nonetheless, heat therapy has a limited dimension.

Contrary to other competitors like Kahuna LM 6800, Panasonic EP-MA73, and other same league models, Osaki 4000T massage chair only presents a lower back heating option.

The leg, calves, and complete back heat massaging features have not made it to its features list. 

Although on a good note, the lower back heat massage spreads deep into your flesh to remove soreness from your muscles and stimulate the blood supply.

Massaging Programs and Features:

While you don’t get able to decide which massage therapy is best for you, this chair offers you 6 preset auto massage programs. Just pick a suitable auto program and let this chair start its work in no time.

Stretching, Thai, demo, lumbar/back, anti-stress, and neck/shoulder are the auto program which you can enjoy without having complicated math about your pain and massage type.

The DEMO mode is a thing which gives all combination of massaging techniques to your body. So you get a full taste of your chair in this mode.

Additionally, five manual programs are also accessible in Osaki 4000T to make a total of 11 massaging options. 

These five manual programs have conventional Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, Shiatsu, and a combination of kneading and tapping.

One more notable thing in this chair is a “Pause” feature. Many big names lack this feature, and you are lucky enough that you can relish this feature with this OSAKI 4000T model.

For instance, you have a phone call; this Pause feature helps you not to miss your massaging therapy. Just Pause your machine, take the call, and resume back your massaging session.

This Osaki model has got an advanced scanner system that scans all your body, once you push yourself into this recliner. 

Consequently, this chair better knows where the problem persists in your body.

Remote Control and Design:

Osaki 4000T massage chair doesn’t give a Bulky impact to your room space. For better color choice and aesthetic norms, the Osaki OS 4000T model comes in cream, charcoal, beige, and black shades.

Osaki has made this chair extremely easy to use by giving a remote control, which has the most advanced but straightforward interface.

This remote control also has a MINI portable and wireless remote controller that can be taken off from its parent remote controller.

This remote controller comes into action when you want to change the settings of the chair without moving your body. You can change speed, intensity, massaging type, and other options with this mini wireless remote controller.


Weight: 270lbs

Dimensions: 34 x 31 x 52 inches

Massage Programs: 6 Auto, 5 Manual

Voltage: 110 – 120 V

What we may Find Good:

  • The Pause mode is a unique addition
  • This chair provides great plenty of full-body compression massage
  • It comes with a variety of colors making contrasting and matching with your room décor easy
  • The foot roller massaging has mild intensity so every aged person can enjoy it

What we may not find good:

  • It doesn’t become feasible for bulky individuals
  • It lacks the 3D roller technology

The Bottom Line:

The OS 4000T model is a flagship entrant by OSAKI so that you can truly anticipate excellent quality and features. The attention grabber point is its Low Price Bracket, which widens its affordability circle. This chair is undoubtedly a superb pick for users who always prefer uniqueness and quality.

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