Top 10 Best Tens Units 2020 Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

We tried 10 different Tens units from multiple companies and here is our in-depth review on best tens units…

This tool provides many health benefits and can be a perfect addition to your painkillers. The device also works to reduce the intake of pain medications and offers a hasty solution to your pain relief.

In this guide, we’ve gathered some information for the collection of the best TENS units that can work commendably for you and your requirements.

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1. FDA Cleared HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS Unit

This is one of the best and power-packed models available in the market. It consists of 4 outputs which means you can operate with 8 electronic pads simultaneously with ease.

Healthmate Tens unit gives you a quick pain management service, so you don’t need to worry about the pain that is with you for a longer time. 

It comes with easy to understand features that everyone can use. Moreover, this tool is safe to use because it is a drug-free product.

This tens unit features 20 levels of intensity control and muscle stimulator that allows you to experience a personalized massage, giving you immediate access to long-term pain relief.

It has a great feature of providing the combination of massage programs all at once. You can undergo a targeted body area for your massage.

Healthmate tens unit comes with a frequency adjustment—It’s Belt Clip Equipped technology ensures that you go through the most comfortable massage ever and offer you the maximum pain relief of the body.

You can use it in your Gym when your fatigued body is exhausted and need relaxation. You can also use the Healthmate tens unit in office for recovering the strained body areas.

  • It has predefined massage programs.
  • Consists of 8 electrode pads.
  • The cords can get tangled.
  • The backlight of the LCD screen goes out promptly.

2. COMPEX Sport Elite 2.0 TENS unit

When we talk about the muscle stimulators, Compex doesn’t disappoint as it falls under the best category of TENS units following it offers the various appealing features.

This TENS unit has 10 programs. 4 Strength, 2 Warm-up, 3 of recovery, and a simple one for TENS. 

It comes with 5 progression levels, where you can adjust the intensity settings and change it to a higher intensity for quicker and effective results that can help improve resilience, endurance, and makes you recover faster.

Compex tens unit is suitable for the people, who need to improve muscle recovery. This tool can assist you in healing down the muscle soreness (DOMS) and boost up the muscle recovery. 

The recovery programs enable the oxygen and nutrients to reach out to the muscles.

This technique helps to flush out the Lactic Acid that hinders them from producing aches, the intensity of pains, raises motion, and workability.

For increasing the strength, you can use this product which is way effective to use. Type 2 fiber muscles activate that offer you a speedy recovery as well as an increase in the explosive strength and enhance the performance.

  • Best for athletes.
  • Good recovery aftermath.
  • It gives you a great warm-up.
  • Compex Sports Elite is high-priced.
  • No customization ability.
  • It lacks the build quality.

3. HiDow Tens Unit AcuXP Micro

Looking to get free from unwanted muscle pains and getting a speedy recovery? HiDow TENS Unit can be your right pick. You can simply do this by customizing the massage according to your preference.

HiDow tens unit comes with 8 massage nodes and each node has a different purpose. A node offers benefits to the desired area of the body. One can customize it according to their needs to provide its maximum benefit and it also has quickly to understand features.

This tens unit operates in a way that it averts the pain signal from the nerves that it reduces your intensity of pain. 

Moreover, this tens unit is handy in raising the strength, toning of the gluteal muscles. You can expect prompt yet promising results from this simulator.

It consists of 2 electrode pads. The larger pads are used to treat the pain of large body areas like the chest, back, legs. The smaller pad is used on the targeted areas or the specific muscle. These bags are reusable and don’t vandalize facilely.

You can carry it anywhere you wish to; This tens unit has mini compact size and lightweight so it won’t bother you or take more space on your purse. Its rechargeable battery would allow you to operate weekly with ease.

  • It has simple and easy features.
  • Manual operation for intensity control.
  • Overheats while charging.
  • The cord is not very long.

4. NURSAL Tens Unit

Nursal Tens Unit is the worth investing product due to its amazing features. It has a unique design that serves the users well. 

Nursal consists of 8 electrode pads, 4 of them have different designs. So you’re unbound to operate with them for other uses. 

The larger pair of electrode massages the muscles group whereas, the smaller operates the hard to reach muscles particularly.

It is powered by a lithium rechargeable battery. 

You can say goodbye to the dead, slow AA batteries now. This battery can serve you for 20 hours consistent use and that’s huge. Besides, this tens unit feature would indicate as a reminder for low battery.

In favor of portability, you can carry the stimulator anywhere you want to. It comes with a dust-resistant feature that comes handy when you want to use it on multiple locations.

The stimulator is handy and allows everyone to use it quite easily. It is equipped with a backlight screen which shows the program you selected. It is suitable for people with a muscle injury, soreness, back pain, neck pain, and inflamed joints. 

  • Nursal is of good quality. 
  • User-friendly features.
  • Pads need replacement after a year and more.
  • The user guide is a little bit difficult to acknowledge.

5. iReliev Wireless TENS + EMS

This product is the combo of the TENS + EMS Therapeutic wearable system, which makes it unique from the others. It is particularly designed to provide immediate access to pain relief.

iReliev tens unit comes with the cordless system for developing more ease. It has 2 cordless pods that are simple to set up and features up to 4 isolation modes for a more pleasurable experience.

The standout feature of this tens unit is the access to your complete body instead of treating particular areas—making it easy to learn and use.

iReliev tens unit comprises of 14 preset programs and divided between TENS and EMS. Tens have 8 modes whereas, Ems has 6 modes to deliver.

Treatment can be done from 5 minutes of the session to 60 minutes, you can adjust targeted controlled settings accordingly for more efficient and snappier results. 

It is free from wires and you can hide the pods under your clothes without wires snapping outside. It features in Back-lit display to operate in darker and brighter conditions. 

This tens unit has a rechargeable lithium battery and produces no problem so it’s safe to carry it anywhere.

  • It gives you great pain management service.
  • The approved device from FDA.
  • Cordless setup is a little bit tough.
  • Pads are not properly designed.

6. truMedic TENS Unit

truMedic Tens unit is regarded as best for excruciating pain. It comes with a sophisticated technology of TENS providing you the maximum amount of relief. This model can do wonders by stimulating your nerves.

It works at low current electrotherapy that stimulates your muscles strength, inflamed joints, soreness, and improves your mood. This tens unit is best for the people that undergo sports injuries and injuries from daily life.

You can manage the electronic pulses system according to your needs. It helps you to get the desired results of your body parts. Each muscle group is subjected to several electronic pulses and ensures you’re getting proper form of relief.

trueMedic tens unit consists of 5 auto stimulation programs. One can adjust speed and intensity according to their preference. The 3 selectable massage modes operate high-frequency pulses to soothe you from every pain.

The repeat feature would allow you to stay on the current program and enjoy as many times as you can. It is a complete portable and a flimsy device, which allow you to carry it facilely. Buttons on the remote give you clear instructions and no difficult options are there.

  • Durable battery life.
  • Pads are straightforward to apply.
  • Gives promising results.
  • Limited pads can be used.
  • Not feasible for operating for longer durations.

7. PurePulse Pro

PurePulse Pro tens unit can treat you in various ways and it is used to treat your severe pain of neck, shoulders, back, arms, hamstrings, and knees. This device operates with the latest technology of TENS to assist you in relaxing. 

It has 8 preset therapy programs and 25 adjustable intensity controls. These features allow you to have a personalized massage experience. 

It ensures that your muscle groups get special treatment and left with no pain. It is outfitted with a timer where you can adjust the session from 5 to 60 minutes.

This tens unit comes with 2 channel modes and both channels function simultaneously on different locations of your body with different intensity controls.

This electronic pulse massager has a simple and easy to operate LCD screen and everything you do displays on the screen like timer, pre-programmed modes, and intensity options.

You can help recover quickly from chronic pain conditions and muscle atrophy. PurePulse tens unit’s healing therapy options are beating, kneading, and massage. 

  • It is equipped with a protective casing that promises its safety.
  • PurePulse Pro has a storage bag.
  • The assortment of pulses available for your ease.
  • This product has no consistent intensity use.
  • It relies only on the batteries and no wall charger option.

8. Healthmateforever TENS Unit Pro 15AB

Healthmateforever TENS Unit Pro is suitable for the people that have muscle soreness, stiffness, and muscle strain due to bodybuilding. This tens unit would probably be the finest choice to make.

It has 15 preset therapy programs and 20 adjustable intensity settings. This tool has a customized timer that ranges from 10-80 minutes of continuous relaxation. This Healthmate tens unit Forever doesn’t require you to operate it manually.

The device is FDA approved and it has a cordless connection. It consists of a large back-lit LCD screen that gives you clear access and instruction of what you’re currently doing.

This tens unit works great in improving your sensory nerves, soothes your body, and serves your pain management service with a prompt recovery and delivers massage-like sensation.

The PRO15AB is powered by 2 isolated output channels, which implies you can function with more than 2 electrode pads at the same time for toning and firming of your nerves, muscle groups.

Both outputs possess the same power, so you can adjust it individually.

This tens unit comes with a rechargeable lithium battery and you can operate it consistently for 20 hours before recharging it again. This massager favors the portability and hence is convenient to carry and it also comprises a dust-proof storage bag.

  • It can deliver relaxation simultaneously to 2 locations.
  • Various options for mode and intensity.
  • Recharging is time-consuming.
  • Display screen cause trouble sometimes.
  • Only 1 size belt.

9. DR-HO’S Pain Relief System TENS Unit

The DR-HO’S system has a notable design; it is a combination of TENS and EMS providing you the maximum level of relief.

This device is popular in reducing the intensity of pain, stimulating the blood circulation, and manages chronic pain well. This massager also aims to produce effective results for its users.

This tens unit contains 341 stimulation programs, 3 massage modes and that’s the best way to relieve the pain for the 20 different areas of the body. It has an AMP feature that adjusts the stimulation settings, providing you positive outcomes within the seconds.

This simulator is not meant to diagnose your diseases but it can offer comfort to your intake of pain medication and works in a way that increases your muscle’s flexibility, deep tissue relaxation, and reduces muscle spasms. This requires only 20 minutes in doing this job. 

The electronic pulse massager is powered by 2AA batteries and is endorsed by UL. The tens unit is super compact and portable, which ensures you to take it anywhere to make you superior from the pains.

It increases the oxygen level in your body with the advanced technology (NIRS) used to raise the oxygen intake in your body. This is a drug-free technique that shows an essential rise in oxygen levels.

  • Easy to use features.
  • Operates simultaneously for 20 different regions on the body.
  • Not so detailed instructions given.
  • Costly product as compared to others.

10. [email protected] Professional Grade TENS Unit

This [email protected] Tens unit is the combo of Tens + Ems stimulation. So it is suitable for the people that go through the chronic pain condition, muscle stiffness, and looking to get a speedy recovery.

This massager consists of 8 massage techniques and 20 intensity levels. 5 of them offer a pleasurable massage experience while the other 3 allows you to have a customized massage.   

It is equipped with double output channels and 4 electrode pads. They function simultaneously on your body to the desired areas offering you the best comfort level.

The stimulator is outfitted with a rechargeable lithium battery. This tens unit can cooperate with you for up to 10 hours.  

Once the battery is dead, it automatically turns off when time is due. It comes with a built-in timer for 10-60 minutes of relaxing session of massage. The device can also connect to the wall charger or a USB port. 

This tens unit is compact, small, and portable and allows the users to carry it along wherever they go. It runs flawlessly without being noisy and consists of a backlit LCD screen that displays the settings you’re selecting.

  • It has a power-packed output channel.
  • It has a good design.
  • Settings button causes a problem in low light areas.
  • It has small intensity differences.

Features to consider when buying TENS Unit:

Here you would find some things that you need to know when purchasing an electrical impulse massager or tens unit.


Every tens unit comes with a different number of modes and each has its purpose. Some devices contain pre-programmed massages, while on the other hand side, some units offer you the personalized massage experience.

It would be the best option if you opt for the tens unit that comes with several massage options and therapy programs, so you don’t miss out on any muscle group that is paining.


The output channels depend upon you; if you need to treat a handful of muscle groups then this can be done by a single output unit. But if you want to serve the large body part then you might go for the 4 electro pads one or dual-channel unit.

Intensity Levels:

Having more intensity control is the handful feature of the Tens Unit, the more it is, the more relaxing it would be for you with the customized massage experience as you can adjust the intensity settings according to your preference.  

The device with the multiple intensity levels is more suitable for you and your family members too.


The battery feature is one of the important features that you must know. The kind and durability of the TENS unit are the essential factors to look for.

The rechargeable is the great option that you all need, as it has a low-performance cost and can be connected to a wall charger and USB port when the battery is dead.

2AA or 3AAA batteries are also a good choice but not more than the built-in rechargeable battery. But still, users prefer it due to their budget as they are facilely available anywhere and can be a good cheap option for you. 


Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation is made for releasing pain relief. The electric impulse works on the ache or hurts area with the help of electrodes to relieve you within a matter of seconds. 

These ten units are portable, lightweight, and are battery operated to carry around easily and come with the pocket-sized for your convenience.


EMS stands for Electronic muscle stimulation and it aims to stimulate the muscle atrophy and injuries. 

Your muscles need toning and firming when you don’t work out from a long-time, this device may help you in preventing muscle atrophy by transmitting the electrical impulses to your surface of the skin and muscles.

Final Verdict

The market is filled with a variety of electronic pulse massagers or tens units, so it is not easy to make a direct decision. You must do deep research and look for some features, pros, and cons that discuss each product in detail and pick the one that matches your requirements. 

We hope that our in-depth reviews would help you in making the right decisions.

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