Top 7 Best Panasonic Massage Chairs 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

We tried all of the Panasonic massage chairs and here are the top 10 best Panasonic massage chairs numbered as per their features and pricing.

I hope it will help you in making the right decision…

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1. Panasonic EP-MA73KU

Panasonic EP-MA73KU massage chair is known as the Prestige Luxury due to its various appealing features—It is incorporated with the multiple stretching options that offer you profound massaging sessions. 

This Panasonic massage chair is installed with multi-directional rollers, which give you a relaxed state to your tight muscles for neck, back, and shoulders that prepare them to work properly. 

These rollers work in several directions, alleviating the blood circulation in your body and create a calming effect for your mind and soul.

Your hard-to-reach muscles are given extra attention—It’s 3-D massage imitates the shiatsu techniques. The chair has 33 air cells that scan your trigger points, offering you a therapeutic relief, and improving the muscle mobility and flexibility.

You get access to the 10 kneading programs that mimic the lulled junetsu techniques, which feel like the human thumb circular kneading rotations to the most wanted regions.

This Panasonic massage chair comes with 6 different pre-programmed massage techniques, which include Shiatsu, deep, Swedish, and stretches for targetting the particular regions of your body. 

If it seems unsuitable to you then you can modify up to 110 manual combinations of massage techniques.        

Lastly, it has a stylish design and is convenient for the users because you can fold it, when not in use to avoid space problems. The rear wheels of this massage chair also help us in facilitating throughout the home.

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  • It has a precise body scan.
  • It doesn’t include any audio features.
  • No space-saving technology.
  • No Zer0-Gravity feature.

2. Panasonic EP-MA10KU

EP-MA10KU Panasonic massage chair is good for people who are looking for cool features in the budget chair.

The massage chair comes with 4 different automatic massage options—This feature gives you a perfect way to customize your manual massage with an aggregate of 5 different massage motions.

Its design emulates traditional and Chinese masseuse techniques to experience an effective massage, relieving your pain from injured muscles and joints with head to head coverage.

This massage chair comes with height-adjustable technology that can serve the users for various heights—It includes cervical massage rollers that ease knead out knots for back and neck muscles—It also improves blood circulation.

At the bottom of the chair, you can find the 14 airbags that are set up to give you adequate stretch for your calves, thighs, and feet. Besides, it stimulates blood circulation and offers optimal comfort in lower areas.

Last but not the least, it has inbuilt rear wheels which favor the portability and hence allows users to roam it throughout the house. In this way, the chair is smaller than some other options.

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  • Lightweight.
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Inexpensive.
  • Leg features might be disturbing.

3. Panasonic MAJ7 Real Pro

This is one of the top-notch products that Panasonic has ever produced; it has some whopping features for dealing with your muscle conditions and stamina problems.

This Panasonic massage chair has a solid and stable structure that allows the user to run for a long period and on massage sessions without any setback. It includes 37 air cells with built-in heated rollers that give you massage throughout the body and heals you from muscle stiffness and tightness.

The full-body massage impersonates the human-like massage. S-track 3D robot hands give you the hug posture and 6 pre-defined massage functions are executed through this process, giving the soothing state to the muscles.

3D massage heads play an important part in this massage chair, as they move back and forth from the neck to the lower core of your body for reducing the tensions and tightness in your muscles.

The best part about this Panasonic massage chair is the pressure detection system, through which the strained muscles are captured with this feature. It further analyzes the body shape that offers you an intense massage according to your preference.

Finally, you can customize up to 158 manual combinations of the massages based on your preference that can treat your desired areas of the body. It includes the rear wheels that make it convenient for the users to revolve it in the home.

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  • It offers the utmost relaxation.
  • Advanced technology utilized.
  • Costly chair.

4. Panasonic Massage Chair MA73 Real Pro ULTRA

If someone is looking to try out the Japanese massage techniques then this is their go-to product. 

This Panasonic massage chair includes some of the 6 automatic popular techniques shiatsu, kneading, Swedish, rolling, and tapping. 

It also comes with the Zero-Gravity feature, which makes a 180-degree angle and offers an overall body massage.

The Panasonic also includes the 110 manual combinations of massage techniques for the different regions of your body that allow you to undergo a personalized experience that matches your needs.

This Panasonic massage chair comes with a body scan technology— Rollers automatically tailor your spine area and trigger points to ensure that they treat your areas properly. 

It comes with the different air cells that penetrate deep in the muscles for improving your muscles flexibility and mobility.

The massage chair comes with 10 different kneading functions that mimic the junetsu programs and impersonates the human thumb-like round kneading rotations to get rid of the tired muscles.

It has a dual-zone heating mechanism for soothing your muscles tension and enhancing your blood circulation with the help of Shiatsu footed heat massage.

  • Unique Juntesu techniques.
  • It has excellent resilience.
  • Shorter massage durations.
  • Minimal padding.
  • The remote control is not handy.

5. Panasonic MAJ7

MAJ7 Panasonic massage chair comes with comfortable seating and has additional padding and pillows for making you feel comfortable—It provides you good massage experience for relieving the pain and releasing the stress. 

Its design and 3D massage therapy heals your damaged tissues, lessens the stretch in muscles, and makes you feel better.

The 37 air cells soothe the neck, shoulders, leg, and calves—It gives you a feel of massage done by professionals—Its roller massage gives you a deep massage throughout the spinal area. 

This massage chair provides you a deep massage effect from the lower back to the thighs. The roller heads move vertically and horizontally—It releases heat to give you a deep massage therapy.

The human body has about 350 acupoints, most of them are in the back and neck—This Panasonic massage chair targets those points by different massage techniques for making your mind and body calm.

It has six different massage techniques; two of them are the most important and most beneficial massage technique; Junetsu Ultra Kneading and Shiatsu. You can easily choose the massage technique based on your body and requirement.

This massage chair comes with preset and manual massage techniques for an intense and quality massage. Also, It comes with a sensor technology that creates a virtual map on your body and focuses on pain points to give you deep massage therapy.

It uses cutting edge technology and reflexology techniques for deep massage therapy on your feet area—The air cells hold your feet gently and firmly to give you a deep massage. 

The chair also comes with arch massage, sole kneading, and sole shiatsu—You can adjust the intensity and style of massage as per your requirement.

This massage chair has 6 automatic massage programs to give you the best massaging experience—It includes Refresh, Deep, Shiatsu, Hip, Neck/Shoulder and Lower back and 6 Manual programs including Ultra Kneading, Shiatsu, Kneading, Swedish, Rolling, and Tapping.

  • Body scan technology
  • Massage programs and adjustments
  • 19 minutes massage session

6. Panasonic MA73T

MA73T Panasonic massage chair comes with an elegant design—It has comfortable seating and built with high-quality synthetic leather.

It can provide you with the best and intense massage to relieve the pain and decrease the muscle tension as well.

This massage chair has multi-directional massage rollers and its heating system gives your body a soothing impact from neck to feet. These massage rollers enhance the massage impact as well. 

High performing motor of this massage chair controls the movement of the massage rollers—It improves the blood flow in the body and releases the stress as well.

The Junetsu kneading technique offers 10 different types of programs to help you repair tissues, minor damages, loosens the stiff muscles, and targets the pain points. 

Junetsu kneading technique helps you experience a thumb-like circular massage by professional therapists. Also, its air cells do the main job. They help increase flexibility, lessen the tension, and do much more! It helps soothe the different body parts.

This Panasonic massage chair comes with scanning technology—The sensors scan the body and create a map to understand the pain points, and precisely generate the unique curves of massage around your spine. 

Personalized massage therapy has been upgraded in this massage chair—It offers different 6 pre-set massage techniques for each body part including neck, shoulders, or full back, etc. 

You also get the facility to customize your massage therapy by integrating different massage techniques and features.

This massage chair is about 218 pounds in weight. However, it is not much bulky as compared to others (your perception may differ) and matchless in its features. 

It gives you the human-like massage therapy feel—You can get maximum benefits in a short period of massage sessions.

Also, You can control multiple functions and stay updated throughout your massage session via Tethered remote. It provides you the facility to adjust the massage settings as per your convenience using buttons.

  • Scanning sensors
  • Customized massaging
  • Setting up is a bit difficult

7. Panasonic EP-MA70CX

MA70CX Panasonic massage chair comes with a luxurious design—It has multiple features for providing the best massage therapy to users.

This massage chair has been built with strong material—It is reliable and durable—The best choice for those who are suffering from spinal issues.

It has 6 different automatic massage programs including Refresh, Deep, Shiatsu, Hip, Neck/Shoulder, and Lower Back) and 6 manual massage programs including Ultra Kneading, Shiatsu, Kneading, Swedish, Rolling, Tapping. 

These massage programs help in relieving the pain, relaxing your body and mind, reducing the tension in muscles, and repairing tissues.

This massage chair comes with a 3D massage feature—It identifies the pain points and targets them for relieving the pain and generates heat to double the impact of massage—You can also adjust the intensity and programs you want.

It comes with 33 airbags, 108 massage combinations, and 31” massaging strokes for targeting the acupoints in your body, especially in the neck and back area.

The IR technology generates heat for penetrating the massage in the body for long-lasting results.

It also keeps you updated about the time via the massage timing indicator. This chair can hold about 264 lbs of weight and the chair itself is 191 lbs.

  • 3D smart scan
  • Air massage technology
  • Wireless remote
  • Expensive

Buying Guide

Panasonic is a little bit different than some other massage chair brands. The Panasonic massage chair deals with customer satisfaction, durability, caressed comfort settings, and the utmost relaxation that all you need.

Here are important factors that can help you in choosing the ideal Panasonic massage chair. 


This is one of the major aspects when you need to purchase the right massage chair for you. 

If you’re looking for the top-of-the-line models then you might end up getting an empty pocket. Search for the Panasonic massage chair that values for many and comes with sufficient features.

EP-MA10KU is the recommended model that can do your work nicely. It lacks user memory but still enough for you to experience the embedded technology and optimal comfort. 


Some brands don’t offer a warranty and are arguably worse in this case but it’s not an issue with the Panasonic. 

This brand offers you excellent service with longer warranty durations—You can also get help from Panasonic Website if something seems strange with the product. 


All Panasonic massage chairs come with the pre-set massage programs along with the custom manual combination massage techniques. 

For the users that favor the automatic massage techniques must prefer the advanced yet higher number of pre-programmed options for ease.

And for the users, that give preference to the manual and personalized massage must opt for the greater number of manual combinations installed, as well as the user memory.

3D Mechanism

All the customers must be familiar with the 3D rollers and their technology that automatically creates the virtual map of the body and allows your muscles to get fully relaxed. 

It should also include the Multi-directional rollers that do this job moving back and forth, making massage sessions convenient and soothing for you.


To be honest, Panasonic massage chairs are the perfect addition, as it is packed with a variety of features and delivers utmost relaxation to your body. 

You must do deep research and look for features, pros, and cons that discuss each chair in detail and pick the one that suits your requirements. 

I hope that reviews will help you in making the right decision! Let me know in the comments…

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