Top 10 Best Massage Gaming Chairs 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

If you’re a gamer and tired from the consistent neck and back pain—Investing in the best massage gaming chair would be a good decision.

The massage gaming chair doesn’t only maintain your element of comfort, but it grooms your gaming environment as well. This kind of chair would help you in long gaming sessions with its comfort.

We reviewed many chairs from multiple companies and here are the top 10 massage gaming chairs.

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1. VON RACER Gaming Massage Chair

Von Racer is our first pick, due to its various appealing features—The chair is designed in a way to offer you a maximum level of comfort during your gaming sessions. 

It comes with the height adjustability function that makes this chair user-friendly. You can set the chair according to your preference where you feel fully lulled.

Thanks to the versatility of this chair—Neck and back pain is no longer the problem for you, because of its built-in massager at the lumbar region.

During long gaming sessions—VON Racer gaming massage chair provides you with a good spine and back posture. Its electric massager helps your tight muscles to soothe and relax down completely.

The gaming massage chair is made from top-notch leather, which also makes it easy-to-clean. The dimensions of this chair are wide enough to provide plenty of support for a large body.

This chair can carry up to 250 pounds of weight. It’s embedded with the adjustable tilting angle, which can rotate from 90-140 degrees. Also, you get 1 year of warranty for this product.

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  • Built from durable leather.
  • It comes at a reasonable price.
  • Components are easy to assemble.
  • Includes retractable footrest.
  • Lumbar may be unsuitable for some users.
  • It has a limited warranty period.
  • The guide was not clear.

2. Nokaxus Gaming Chair

If you are looking for a flexible chair with ergonomic design—Nokaxus gaming chair is one of the best options.

This massage gaming chair is built with fine leather—The padding is resistant to any kind of stains and dirt.

Density sponge is used for the padding that makes it super comfy for gamers and offers maximal support for their back and neck with its cushion.

It also incorporates the soft handrails, where the gamer can easily place their hands while playing and feel lulled. This massage gaming chair is equipped with retractable footstool for keeping your feet at rest and relaxed state.

Nokaxus gaming chair is embedded with the adjustable tilting option—It provides users with multiple choices to recline the chair from 90-180 degrees. 

This chair comes with a slightly smaller size than some other masterpiece. So, it makes a perfect option for the avid gamers that have a small gaming room. 

Also, Nokaxus massage gaming chair has a great carrying capacity of 350 pounds. It comes with 1-year of warranty for the security of its users.

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  • It has a heavy-duty frame of steel.
  • Excellent warranty service.
  • Various color options.
  • High-priced.
  • Smaller users find it too large.

3. Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair

Blue Whale massage gaming chair is an ideal option for tall users—It makes your countless hours of gaming sessions enjoyable with the adjustable feature to assist your spine and lumbar region. 

It has an ergonomic design that makes your gaming space elegant and offers you the caressed feeling for the lumbar and spine area.

You can say goodbye to the back and lumbar pain because of its lumbar massage cushion that helps in supporting your back. Its built-in massage feature works well to soothe your spine and you can power it via a USB connection.

It also comes with the adjustable height feature that you can settle as per your requirements.

This massage gaming chair comes with the 21 inches seating—A wider area for the taller guys leaving a lot of space to sit on the chair.

There are ample of reclining options accessible on the chair that range from 90-155 degrees. It also incorporates in adjustable backrest and armrest, giving you the freedom to rotate in all 4 directions.

Moreover, this massage gaming chair can cater to up to 400 pounds of individuals, which is a fascinating part of this chair.

  • Comfortable seat.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy steel frame.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Massage motor may shatter.
  • Bit-pricey.

4. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The design and color of the Devoko chair seem like it is taken from a racer car—It’s not a typical chair but comes with good features.

For your hard-hitting and long hours of gaming—The ergonomic design of this massage gaming chair helps you in improving your posture and recovering from the physical discomfort.

Devoko gaming chair is equipped with the high curved and top-quality leather seating and backrest—It has a detachable headrest and adjustable lumbar cushion, allowing you to undergo a customized massage experience.

It features in an easy lockable tilt adjustment—A 360-swivel base, giving you easy reclines options to adjust it yourself where you fully feel relaxed. 

The height adjustability features come with the safety gas spring and the scratch-proof castor wheels that let you move across the floor to pick the things efficiently. 

It can carry up to 300 pounds efficiently. Above all, it has great customer service and if you’re looking for something reasonable then this might be a perfect budget massage gaming chair for you. 

  • Tested for providing ergonomic support and comfort.
  • Detachable headrest and lumbar pillow for additional personalization.
  • It contains a bad chemical smell.

5. Homall Gaming Massage Chair

The Homall gaming massage chair has a sophisticated good looking design—If you want to renovate your gaming environment, this might be an ideal option for you. This chair has a moderate size that doesn’t bother any height user.

The high-quality faux leather of the massage gaming chair enables the user to enjoy the gaming hours with the most comfortable seat padding—Making it neat and clean with just a push of a cloth.

Homall gaming chair features in a lockable adjustable tilting angle that gives you perfect various angles and positions to relax.

The star feature of this massage gaming chair is the push-back recliner option. Also, It incorporates a remote controller, providing you easy access to manage massage functions. 

However, it could cause inconvenience in roaming it around, due to its bulky size and weight.

Furthermore, this chair comes with a 1-year warranty that ensures the user that they get the best possible quality from their brand. 

  • Easy for maintenance.
  • It has a larger size as compared to some other models.
  • PU leather offers maximum comfort.
  • Hard to move.
  • No swivel base rotation.
  • Foot retractable maybe short for taller users.

6. Dowinx Massage Gaming Chair

Dowinx massage gaming chair has an ergonomic design and a top-notch quality that offers a superior level of relief.

This chair comes with a solid built and sturdy frame that enables the chair to entertain up to 350 pounds of individuals—It’s built for users spending a lot of hours in gaming. 

The upgraded multi-functional bucket seat design of the chair covers your spine, waist, and hip area to offer immense relaxation and allow you to undergo enjoyable gaming hours. 

Dowinx massage gaming chair comes with the adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillow that activates when you plug in through the USB port. This chair suits all the body sizes and shapes. Moreover, the recline option and retractable footstool is the star feature.

It comes with the 1-year warranty period to assist you in the long-term. However, the only downside that this chair possesses is the difficulty in assembling its components.

  • Comfortable for long hours of gaming.
  • Strong built quality.
  • Extra-long seat is accessible for tall gamers.
  • Armrest’s padding is great.
  • Warranty is a problem for many.
  • Armrests are lightweight, so easily breakable.

7. Ficmax Gaming Massage Chair with Footrest

Ficmax Gaming Massage Chair comes with an ergonomic design and you get a broad range of color options.

This Ficmax model is made with the popular PU leather, which offers durability for the years to come and further makes it easy for you to clean.

It is one of the highly customizable gaming massage chairs with multiple reclining options to relax down your back and spine regions.

The chair can recline 180 degrees completely which is a star feature of this chair. It can accommodate up to 3000 pounds of an individual which is a good option. It has a 2D padded seat for added luxury but at a high price tag. 

It is embedded with a 360-degree swivel base rotation along with the adjustable armrests.

This gaming chair comes with a massage and a head cushion for extra support. You will get 1 year of warranty for its components.

  • Smooth adjustment for all supports.
  • Great customer service.
  • It also includes a vibration massage.
  • Wheels make noise.
  • Armrest padding is insufficient. 

8. Killabee Gaming Chair

Killabee massage gaming chair comes with large dimensions that can entertain users of every height. 

This chair comes with 3 different color options including blue, black, and grey. Its choice of adjustability features makes it an ideal option for non-stop gaming.

It is topped with premium PU leather, making it easier to maintain in terms of cleanliness.

This massage gaming chair is fixed with a thick padded seat which is reinforced by a metal frame along with the castor wheels that makes this chair easy to roam around—It can hold users with weight up to 250 lbs.

Furthermore, you get the variety of reclining options from 90-155 degrees that you can fix where you fully feel caressed. It incorporates in a retractable headrest and USB powered lumbar cushion support that gives you optimal comfort while you’re playing.

You get one year of warranty on the components of this chair. 

  • Excellent customer service.
  • Castor wheels work smoothly.
  • Solid metal frame.
  • According to customers, the chair wobbles a little.
  • Armrests lack padding.

9. Healgen Back Massage Gaming Chair

Healgen back massage gaming chair comes with an ergonomic design and accommodates all sizes of people.

The chair comes at a reasonable price—It is equipped with the vibration massage function that ranges from high to low intensity and you can adjust it on your preference. 

Moreover, the cushion placed on the lumbar and neck region activates when you plug in via USB—It provides you a rich-relaxing state for your upper body.

It is also one of the fully customizable chairs available in the market—You can adjust the seat height by 3.15 inches—The backrest of the chair can be adjusted from 90-155 degrees. Also, the thick density sponge cushion and PVC leather add luxury and utmost comfort to the chair.

This massage gaming chair is embedded with the swivel base rotation along with the 5 castor wheels, giving you an easy 360 access to your surroundings and dynamic movement.

One thing that you would truly like about this chair is the 2-year warranty provides by the company on the parts of the chair, which ensures that users don’t have to worry regarding any faults.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is also given after your purchase.

  • A great option for tall and big gamers.
  • Comfortable chair.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Seat cushion lacks a little.

10. Goplus Massage Gaming Chair

Goplus massage gaming chair can be your perfect partner in improving your posture and offering you a relaxing state for your muscles.

The chair incorporates 4 massage spots that are located right at the back and lumbar region—These massage points function flawlessly, giving a soothing state for your tight muscles. 

Goplus chair features 8 massage modes overall with different settings, ready to meet your body needs. 

It is installed with the swivel base 360, adjustable headrest, and backrest feature. You can change the recline settings from 90-140 degrees and the ergonomic design of the chair fix at your back

The GoPlus massage gaming chair model is roofed with the premium quality leather and is water-repellent to assist you for several years. 

Moreover, the leather is padded with the highly-dense sponge that offers superior comfort, while you sit on it. 

The chair is also equipped with a handy pocket and a cup holder; pocket allows you to put small stuff like a phone. On the other hand, the chair is strong enough to cater to around 250 lbs of a person easily.

  • Great massage gaming chair for the price point.
  • Personalized massage experience.
  • One of the most comfortable chairs.
  • Bulky chair.
  • Made for short people.

Things to know before buying a massage gaming chair:

There is a broad range of massage gaming chairs present in the market and without considering some important characteristics, you won’t get the desired product.

Let’s roll towards the buying considerations for making your buying decision easy.


Warranty is a key aspect that must be given extra attention. In case of any issues, companies offer compensation, money, or even the full-return for products. So, different brands use different combinations of warranty. 

It is suggested by experts to go for the massage gaming chair that comes with the 1-year warranty period to make things decent for you.

  • Firstly, you get a full warranty contract of 6 months after the purchase. This is applied when in case, any of the components of the massage gaming chair stops functioning properly. As a result, the chair will be renewed or repaired.
  • Secondly, the money-back warranty is applied, when the customer is not satisfied or whatsoever reason; the user can replace it within the given period of 30-days. Some brands offer a short time for just 7 days.
  • Lastly, the limited warranty that restricts to some parts of the unit and if some other composites go faulty then you may need to buy new components or even a new whole chair as well.


This is one of the main things considered when you’re investing in the product. If you’re looking for the top-of-the-line models then you might end up getting an empty pocket. 

Search for the massage gaming chair that values for many and comes with sufficient features.

The chair that has a stylish design, state-of-the-art technology, embedded with additional features and different massage functions would have a high-price tag. 

But you can still opt for the expensive units as they offer the resilience, durability, and utmost simultaneously.


When we talk about the material, the massage gaming chair should be made up of high-end material so that it can assist you in the long-run.

  • Leather is the most ideal choice for some users, as the top-grain leather offers durability and so is easy to clean. However, the leather material is a bit-pricey option and adds value to the product.
  • The fabric material is highly preferred by the brands, as it is washable and comes at an affordable price.
  • Vinyl is a type of leather and offers more durability and smooth than the fabric material. 

It is suggested to go for a thick padded seat.

­Back Support and Headrest

It is another crucial pointer that comes to play when you’re an avid gamer. The headrest and lumbar support are different types of features that give you a superior level of comfort. 

Likewise, the lumbar support assists in cushioning and maintains the shape of your spine well. Whereas, the headrest functions well enough for your head and neck, allowing you to lower down the stress, anxiety, and fatigue. 


The market is filled with a variety of chairs that range from affordable to costly ones, so it is not easy to make a quick decision.

You must do deep research and look for some features, pros, and cons that discuss each product in detail and pick the one that suits your requirements. 

We hope that reviewing our best massage gaming chair reviews would’ve assisted you in making this tough decision.

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