Top 10 Best Massage Chairs 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Massage Chairs are the modern way of getting your massage after a long, tiring day…

There are hundreds of chairs in the market from different companies-waiting for you to buy them.

We tested most of the available chairs and here are 10 Best massage chairs by keeping in mind their features and price.


List of the Top 10 Best Massage Chairs 2020

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1. Real Relax 2020

Real Relax massage chair can relieve your pain and comforts your body with its intense massage feature. It comes with an attractive design and catchy colors—it has eight massage neck rollers that give relief to your neck.

Real Relax chair is suitable for you if you like an intense massage after your physical workout routine—it’s loved by athletes because of the intense massage feature.

It comes with 50 airbags, placed at the shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and feet, lower back heating, and foot roller massage areas. The massage chair airbags ensure the perfect full-body therapeutic intense massage with deep coverage of several body parts. 

You can adjust its footrest height from 5.2 to 6.1 feet as per your convenience—You can control this massage chair easily by its smart remote with an advanced high definition VFD screen. Also, it’s very easy to move around.

It has 8 massage concentration points at the backseat that doubles the impact of massage. Also, it has roller and airbags for your feet which can relieve the pain effectively.

This massage chair is a better option for you if you are a pedestrian or love to walk. Along with the foot massage, It also has a soothing back massage feature—It has a built-in waist heater that improves blood circulation. 

One thing that I didn’t like about the Real Relax massage chair is its neck positioning—It puts the neck in an uncomfortable position.

Real Relax massage chair also has the zero gravity feature that will make you feel virtually weightless and will make the massage convenient.

You can also connect your phone with the chair using the Bluetooth feature. 

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  • 4 auto preset body massage settings 
  • Massage concentration nodes 
  • Neck positioning 
  • Rollers noise in the foot area


  1. 8 massage neck rollers 
  2. 50 airbags 
  3. Footrest for taller people 
  4. 8 massage concentration points at the backrest 
  5. Zero gravity 

2. Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800

I like this product from Kahuna because of its reliability, amazing embedded massage features, and affordable prices. 

Kahuna massage chair has a distinct design frame structure, airbag system that soothes your shoulders, arms, and waist. It allows you to have a 3D stereoscopic massage with zero gravity positions. 

It can relieve your pain and get rid of the pain points permanently over time.

This massage chair comes with a feature of “yoga”—Program can relieve the pain, lessen muscle tension, and removes the toxic materials from your body. It makes you feel light and stress-free. 

It has an embedded L-track with a 4 wheels roller system—Supports your body from your neck to your buttocks. This track never misses any point of your body and enhances the effect of massage. 

Kahuna massage chair comes with the facility of customized massaging—You can create your favorite massage by adjusting the type, speed, and motion.

A custom body massage can be convenient for any user and facilitated by its built-in scanner—The body scanner helps in finding the pain points of the user.

You can enjoy the techniques like Tapping, Shiatsu, Rolling, Kneading, and a combination of kneading with its manual massage programs.

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  • Built-in scanner 
  • Manual massage techniques 
  • Delivers unassembled


  1. 3D stereoscopic massage 
  2. Zero gravity positions 
  3. L-track with 4 wheel rollers 
  4. Customized massage feature 
  5. Multiple massage techniques 
  6. Net weight is 249lbs 
  7. Voltage 110-120V

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3. Full Body Electric Shiatsu Recliner

Shiatsu massage chair comes with quality airbags that can deliver the human-like and soothing massage.

It comes with 35 built-in bags that are embedded under its seat—Airbags will provide full massage coverage for your different body parts including arms, back, lower back, and limbs. 

This massage chair is meant to create passive motion to give a soothing effect to your lower back and pelvis by bringing movement on the seat. 

Kahuna massage chair comes with the 3 automatic preset massage programs—The programs contain various massage motions to help you in relieving pain, recovery from injury, and aches. 

It comes with 8 super-concentrated massage points—The highly concentrated massage features ensure that massage motion is penetrating in your body to give you the desired and soothing impact.

It also releases the negative energy from the user’s body through the motion effect of rollers using the 8 concentrated massage points. 

Kahuna massage chair has a VFD HD display that works as a control panel to the users and keeps them updated—You can easily read and view the current statuses even from a distance. 

This chair comes with a footrest for tall people, and they can easily adjust it. It has a zero-gravity feature that gives you a deeper and intense massage. 

However, you may face issues with deep pressure—We noticed, it will be difficult to handle for some people.

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  • Easy display and control
  • Auto massage features
  • Issues with deep pressure 


  1. 35 built-in airbags 
  2. Full massage coverage for the whole body 
  3. Passive motion for a soothing effect 
  4. 3 automatic massage programs 
  5. 8 massage concentrated points 
  6. VFD HD display serves as a control panel 
  7. Footrest for tall people
  8. Zero gravity 
  9. 300 pounds weight 


This sleek chair is a complete package because of the butt lock L-track massage system. The chair comes with a full-body deep tissue massage feature.

The product features smart and gentle massage rollers, airbag massage system and a heating option along with 4 automatic massage programs, 3 manual massages, 3 levels of airbag intensity, 3 massage speed control and a zero-gravity component.

The computerized body scanning feature focuses on the body spots that need the most work on. The one-hand remote control makes it easy to control your massage.

Coming to the composition of the product, its made with synthetic soft-grained leather that highly contributes to comfort.

Let’s move on to the pros and cons of RELAXONCHAIR MK-II plus

  • the motor is quiet
  • easy to set up.
  • affordable and reliable.
  • well designed and high quality.
  • Zero Gravity Feature
  • Heat Massage
  • Fewer Massage Techniques

5. Ideal Massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair

Ideal massage chair has combined all the essential massage features to give you a comforting impact. 

The standout feature is: You can create a massage period manually for 30 minutes and enjoy the long-massage.

The massage chair comes with the S-track, that is vertically embedded with four rollers at the backseat to give you a human-like massage—it never misses any point of a vertebrate.

It secures the deep massage of tissues to remove the distress or stress from the vertebrate of users. 

Ideal massage chair comes with 4 automatic massage programs that ensure the deep and perfect massage with multi-therapeutic sessions—It feels like a massage from the professional. 

Along with four manual massage programs including Shiatsu, Vibration, Spinal Rolling, and Kneading—You also get the custom message feature.

By using the custom massage feature, you can adjust the massage speed, intensity, backseat position, and timing—You get access to complete controls.

Ideal massage chair comes with zero gravity feature that can provide users with better massage therapy—it’s best for users with spinal issues.

Zero gravity massage can improve your posture and makes the blood flow better by reducing nerve pressure.

The massage chair has 6 kneading balls in the massager area for feet—It provides with better massage and helps you reduce the pain and stress. You can also extend the footrest as per your height.

  • The heating system at the backseat 
  • Extendable footrest 
  • Control monitor for customers’ ease 
  • Use of kneading balls instead of rollers 
  • Discomfort in the neck area by additional pillow


  1. Adjust time, speed, intensity and back positioning 
  2. S-track with four rollers at the backseat 
  3. Four automatic massage programs 
  4. Manual massage programs 
  5. Zero gravity 
  6. Kneading balls at the sole of foot massager 

6. Kahuna SM-7300 Massage Chair

Kahuna SM-700 massage chair comes with elegant design and decent colors.

It has 9 auto programs—Yoga stretching can help you relax, quick recovery from injuries and tissue damages. It also recovers the sore and intense tissues by giving you the soothing and perfect massage. 

The massage chair comes with 35 airbags—perfect for a deep and quick massage that can release the stress and pressure.

The zero-gravity feature provides you with deep and intense massage penetration for releasing the stress.

You can recline it completely—your legs would be above your heart level for improving the blood circulation in the complete body.

The massage chair feet coverage is good—It covers every point using 3 different techniques including scraping, rolling and kneading.

Acupoint and acupressure with 6 rollers enhance the effect of massage for the whole body, especially for arms. 

  • Lower back heating system 
  • Space-saving facility 
  • Allows continues to massage over 30 minutes
  • Manual extensions vary user to user
  • Heat limited to lower back 
  • Lacking in good massage for thighs 
  • LED light incorporated on the side stays active while the chair is in use 


  1. 9 auto programs
  2. 35 airbags 
  3. Zero gravity feature 
  4. Space technology feature 
  5. Weight is 236 pounds 
  6. Acupressure points 
  7. Zipper covering for the foot

7. Esright Massage Chair

Esright massage chair comes with polyurethane leather seat, sponge, and comfortable design—its texture is smooth, and the design is elegant to fascinate the users.

If you are looking for a low-priced chair with good features, Esright massage chair is the best choice.

The massage chair can provide intense massage with the help of heat and vibration features— It heats the body areas, and vibration motion stimulates the muscles and soothes the tissues

It also has a Holder for holding a glass and comes with the 360-degrees mechanism swivel for rotation—150-degrees reclining angle lets you take a nap or sleep during the massage.

The massage chair comes with a manual controller that can help you switch massage modes and control intensity.

  • Easy control options 
  • Unique functions for reclining and massaging 
  • PU leather, easy assembling 
  • Heating function
  • Swivel capacity 


  • Solid construction 
  • Reliability 
  • 360-degree rotation 
  • 150 degrees reclining 
  • Remote controller function 
  • Manual massage features 
  • Massage intensity control 

8. Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner

Zero gravity shiatsu massage chair comes with four automatic programs—Every program offers different massage features including rejuvenation, relaxation and pain relief, etc.  

The zero-gravity feature in Shiatsu massage chair comforts the spinal cord and helps to fix issues over-time—Zero gravity calms the body and eradicates the tension points in the body.

It comes with 35 airbags that ensure the full-body coverage for core body parts—Airbags help to relieve your arms, shoulder, back, and legs.

The massage chair comes with an upgraded space capsule-like armrest for improving blood circulation in the body. it’s best at intensifying the relaxing experience for users. 

Shiatsu massage chair comes with 8 body concentration points—The concentration points target the tension spots in your body and eliminate the negative energy and tension from your tissues and muscles.

The chair has a built-in heat transmitter for ensuring a deep massage—it increases the massage penetration and increases the stimulation for the user’s body. 

You can also extend the footrest for your convenience and ease. It can be used by users ranging from 5’5 to 6’2 of height—Rollers present in the foot area enhance the massage effects.

Last but not least, it also has a Bluetooth option that you can use for connecting your smart devices.

  • VFD HD display screen 
  • Massaging airbags 
  • Built-in shoulder and hip compression 
  • lacks customizing massage programs 
  • body scanning is unavailable 


  • 4 automatic massage programs 
  • Zero gravity feature 
  • 35 airbags 
  • Pulsing motion 
  • 8 concentration points 
  • Heat transmitter 
  • Footrest extension 

9. Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair

Curved Shiatsu massage chair comes with all the essential massage features and can support up to 90KG weight easily.

The SL-track within the chair provides soothing massage to all the pain points—The S supports the back and L-track entends to the thighs, never ignores any point from neck to thighs.

It comes with 3 massage features i.e. knocking, kneading, and combination of kneading and tapping—These massage features let you perceive human-like massage therapy with relaxation and relief. 

You can readily control the massage intensity, and strengthen the body massage impact according to your comfort and convenience. 

The massage chair comes with the feature of an adjustable posture. It also has four airbags at the side of the chair for providing you with a better massage experience—Airbags also helps in relaxing the pressure in pelvic bones and lower back.

It also includes the Bluetooth option that you can use for connecting your smart devices and enjoy the music!

  • Control panel with audio 
  • Assembly is not required 
  • Massage methods and duration is controllable 
  • Good posture for hips and back 
  • Lacks the complex massage methods 
  • Doesn’t provide heat above the neck and below thighs 
  • No reclination 
  • Not suitable for tallest height and heaviest bodies 


  • Voltage 110-120
  • Net weight 30kg 
  • Noise is less than 50dB 
  • SL track 
  • 3 massage features 
  • Adjustable posture 
  • Bluetooth for connecting gadgets 
  • No assembling required

10. Full Body Electric Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Full Body gravity Shiatsu massage chair comes with all the advanced massage features at a low price.

Its zero gravity feature keeps your legs higher than the heart level— makes you feel virtually weightless and helps to recover your spinal issues. It also improves the blood flow in the body and increases your brain activity as well. 

The massage chair comes with the airbags that compress the shoulders, arms, calves, and feet for relieving the pain—Airbags smoothly hold your body to provide you with a soothing massage.

You can extend the footrest for your ease (taller or shorter), and the foot roller effectively relieves the foot pain or sores—You also get the option of adjusting the speed of feet massage.

Full body shiatsu massage chair also has an advanced heating feature for warming-up the waist and improving the blood circulation in your back.

The different massage features permit the 6 auto-modes with different combinations for enhancing the massage experience.

It also comes with the Bluetooth option that you can use for connecting your smart devices and listen to your favorite music during massage sessions.

  • Customized body massaging feature 
  • back heat therapy 
  • easy movement via wheels 
  • bit noisy 
  • no balance between the strength of the rollers at high and low power


  • weight is 175 pounds
  • Power 100W
  • Rated voltage 110V-60Hz
  • zero gravity 
  • back heating 
  • airbags and rollers
  • 6 preset auto mode
  • Bluetooth 

Buying Guide For Best Massage Chairs 2020

Types Of Massage Chairs 

The first thing that you would need to have a hold on is a different kind of massage chairs and their different uses.


A recliner, in easy words, is the most standard kind of chair that is available on the market as a massage chair, it’s comfortable, soft and it’s mainly used for comfort and some basic massages-Lil soft vibrations only, nothing too heavy.

A recliner chair would be perfect for someone who isn’t looking for something too fancy or strong-Person who wants a light massage and comfort, recliner massage chair would be perfect for them.

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Zero gravity massage chair is directly inspired by NASA or we can say that it’s inspired by the space itself, the concept is to let the body achieve equilibrium by keeping it at a straight 180 degrees angle-Posture takes all the weight off of your legs, back and provides them with relief.

A zero gravity massage chair would be perfect for someone who might be looking for a chair that can target mainly on their back, legs and, lower back.


The full body massage chair is created with the motivation of achieving the style of “massage professionals” and it’s slowly getting successful in its mission.

The full-body massage chair is said to be closest to the human touch and this is because it takes care of your whole body, from head to toe in every possible way.

This kind of chair normally has all the advanced features, making it more expensive.

A full-body massage chair is perfect for someone who is an athlete or someone who’s looking for complete body massages most of the time.


Ottoman massage chair is more of a style than a type or maybe we can regard them as the both-A massage chair that is divided into two parts, the footrest, and the actual chair but the functional part (massager) is only the footrest.

This massage chair is perfect for the people who are only looking for a lower-body massage, and a small machine as well.

Features Of A Massage Chair 

Here are the basic features of massage chairs that you should know before buying yours.

Let’s discuss the multiple shapes first…


S-Track is the roller system present in the massage chairs-named after the sinusoidal shape of the human spine. The S-Track moves the rollers upward and downward on the back of a user following the shape of the spine.


The L shaped massage chairs are responsible for moving the rollers in an L direction, this L shape helps you to cover all aspects of your body, including the beneath part of your body.

Most of the time the L shape is an extension for the S-shaped massaging chair, some chairs have both of these features in them, making them a more loaded and heavy-duty design.

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Now let’s talk about the types of massages.


Shiatsu is the closest that a man can get from a massage chair replicating the expert hands of a masseuse. The rollers and the nodes are made to move in every possible direction to give you a full and fulfilling massage.

Shiatsu is a Japanese technique that includes nerve pressing and a shiatsu massage is delivered by the many rollers and nodes present all around the massage chair.


We can regard this massage as a high-intensity massage which is mainly delivered to the back—people regard this massage as a feeling of thundering on the back of your body and there can be no better description of that.

This massage is great for people who love to go hardcore with massages but it’s not good for people who just enjoy the company of soft and soothing massage chairs.


Kneading is a process of making the body clot-free with massage rollers, pressing your body with multiple intensities.

This massage technique is used for relieving the tightness of deep tissues. It also applied for improving the flexibility of muscles. Many massage chairs from multiple companies are good at providing the kneading massage feature.


I am certain that you have heard of the compression method to relieve pain, this is the technique that is mostly used within massage chairs, different kinds of airbags are used in this process and they are situated in various spots all around the chair.

The deflation and inflation of the airbags cause the airbags to compress and they eventually compress the user’s muscles, the muscle compression takes out all the pain-like a replica of a compression massage that is mainly given to get relieved from leg pain.


Stretching technique, after the massage, can help you in improving the muscle’s flexibility and achieving the soothing muscle tone.

If you want all your knuckles cracked from the inside to provide you with that soothing feeling then this feature is something that you should be looking for in your ideal massage chair.


Tapping in the massage chairs are also done by rollers and nodes, I assume tapping does not need any explanation, it is the oldest method of massage, this method has been around for thousands of years and is still the most effective one around.

It helps to improve the blood circulation of your muscles and relaxation.

Let’s talk about the programs and settings that you need to understand before moving into the buying process.


Sometimes all we want is to just relax with a soft and light massage—Something enough to clear our head from the void and some other days we want a massage that can shake and vibrate the pain out of our body, So it depends on your intensity settings.

When you are considering the intensity settings within massage chairs, I would suggest you go for an all-rounder—Surely, that will help in covering all kinds of massages.


After the intensity, comes the speed, now how would the speed within the massage chair affect your massage experience?

It’s almost the same as intensity settings—If you are looking for slow massage then you would prefer low speed and if you are looking for aggressive massage then you would prefer the high-speed.

Choosing a massage chair that can range from low to high and high to low-velocity can give you a wide number of options when it comes to massages—You can either just relax with high intensity and low-speed massage or maybe a high speed and low-intensity massage will also do the trick.

How many Automatic Programs Should your Ideal Massage Chair Include?

When you are looking for automatic massage programs within the massage chair, I would prefer the machine with fewer required automatic programs.

Because that will cut the price big time and it will be easy for you to choose from the basic massage programs (Already settled programs) including Neck Massage, Back Massage, etc…

You should define your need first—Are you buying a massage chair for the lower body? Are you buying a chair for a back massage only? and the list goes on…

Once you are sure regarding your need—Now you can look for the massage chairs that have those required automatic massage programs.

Also, you can always buy the expensive massage chairs that come with all the automatic massage programs but if you are looking for the budget chair then I would suggest you go for automatic programs as per your need only.


If you are someone who has very specific needs with the massage, for example, you are someone who loves high-intensity massages overall and nothing light satisfies you then don’t worry because you always have the option of customizing everything yourself within massage chair—You can make your massager remember the combination that you put earlier with the help of this memory feature present in most of the massage chairs.

This way, you won’t have to go through the hustle of finding that perfect spot—This memory feature is not included in all the massage chairs.

If you are someone who wants to make a combination for your personalized need then you should make sure that your massage chair allows you to do that.

The memory feature is responsible to memorize the speed, intensity and, the kind of massage you opted for. It’s a win-win for me.


All the massage chairs do not come with the vibration feature as well…

Sounds a little bumming—If you want extra relief with a soothing vibration massage then you should make sure that your machine is allowing you to do so.


Some people underestimate the heat feature, little do they know about the wonders a heated massage can provide.

Heat massages within massage chairs have many medicinal and physical attributes that your body needs.

Heated skin triggers and blocks the signals of pain that are sent to your brain—Make them numb and useless, it’s like instant pain relief.

Many of the massage chairs come with the heat feature already locked in them but it’s always better to make sure that your device has it too…


This is a controversial feature, some people like it and others believe it won’t help.

Here’s why: Some reviews from users show that long massages can cause pain afterward and others believe that long massages are soothing.

So, it completely depends on you—If you are looking for auto-shutdown while resting on the massage chair or not.


The computer body scan feature present within massage chairs allows you to make sure that you stay in great shape by scanning the shape of your body through your back and spine.

The computer body scanning feature assigns the perfect massage combination to you by scanning your body and judging the pain points.

Scanning body feature is very good if you are buying the massage chair for the family—It will scan every user’s body and provide them with customized massage accordingly.


If you want to decide all the settings of massages available within massage chair—You should be looking for a manual massager feature.

Most of the high-rated and top-seller massage chairs come with the auto-massage modes and manual massage features demand is low.

So, if you want to do all the settings yourself—you got to look for this feature.


The Acupoint detection system within massage chairs is almost the same as body scan technology—It creates a map of your spine and suggests the customized massage accordingly.

Acupoints are very sensitive and nervous points of the body. So, when these points are massaged or pressured, they relieve stress automatically—this is something very effective for our body.


There are many kinds of remote controlling devices available such as a simple remote, a wireless one, a wired one and now there are some massage chairs with a screen attached to its armrest or the side of the chair.

I would prefer touch-screen attached to the massage chair—It’s easy to control and there is no need to worry about keeping the remote safe as well.


Some massage chairs come with the USB port that you can use for charging your smartphone/tablet while enjoying your massage.

I prefer this feature because most of the time during my massage, I love using social media or reading blogs.


Some people can’t simply relax without their favorite music at the backend—Many massage chairs come with the MP3 player that you can use for listening to your favorite music.


Some of the massage chairs go a little more advanced with the music feature and they get Bluetooth speakers attached with them.

So, if you would love loud music during the soothing massage, You should look for this feature as well.


Coffee during winters? Cold drinks during summer? Some massage chairs identified this need as well.

During the massage, You can hold your drink within the cup holder—Not a big feature, but it helps a lot like an armrest in your car.

Now let’s get into the dynamics of the device.


It’s very important to identify the exact space where you want to place your massage chair—Standard massage chairs acquire a lot of space.

Once you are done measuring the exact dimensions, Now go for the massage chair that fits the spot best. Everyone ignores the size of the chair and then face the problems.


Most of the massage chairs are lightweight and portable except for some old models that are very heavy and require good man-power to move from one place to another.

If you are going to move it often, You should look for a massage chair with less weight.

Foldable/Recliner Chairs 

Again, because of the space problem—People started demanding the foldable chairs and some companies are offering the recliner and foldable chairs.

If you have less space for your massage chair then you should go for the foldable chair. It’s not only for saving the space but you can also carry it for shifting.


This is something that tells us about the kind of trust that the manufacturer has in their product, it’s very important to check everything that the warranty covers too—Because most of the time people get hyped up about a three-year warranty offered.

But in reality, that warranty is only about the labor, parts, or just handling.


You need the massage chair to be comfortable, right? It highly depends on the material used for the composition of the chair.

I would prefer to go with the leather-made even if it costs a bit extra because the comfort comes first—The durability of leather is also good.


It’s very important to look at the number of motors while buying the massage chair because it makes your massage stronger and comfortable.

Numerous motors will provide a very intense and deep massage as compared to less of them. If you are a lover for deep intense massage then make sure that you have the right kind of massage chair with an ample number of motors to support deep massage.

Let’s talk about the parts of the body that the massager will cover.


Studies suggest that most of the people nowadays suffer from migraine and other following headaches, the head massage feature will help you get rid of any kind of head pain in no time.


Most of the massage chairs do have a foot massager, it is either separates like an ottoman chair or it is joined together.

A foot massager can be of many types, depend on what you would like it to be, it can either be just airbags or with a proper vibration and heat system.


The neck massager within massage chair puts tension on your neck, the soft tension would make you feel like someone is lightly taking all your stress away by a great neck massage.

This feature is ideal for people having neck problems.


The shoulder is a part of our body that can be targeted with any other muscle, so every other massage chair does have something for the shoulder, for example, airbags or rollers which go best for the pain relief.


Throughout this read, we learned so much about massage chairs and how to buy them efficiently right? But let’s also look into the benefits of a massage chair.

  • You save a lot of money with this one-time investment, you don’t have to pay visits again and again to your therapist and spa. You get the same soothing treatment you want in your own house.
  • Many studies show that massage chairs are effective to reduce stress and anxiety by lowering the pace of our heart.
  • You automatically feel good and more lively after a good massage—The happy hormones are released when the stress is washed off.
  • When our nerves are in peace and our body is relaxed, we automatically sleep better, so we can say that massage chairs are best to get relief from insomnia.
  • When the stress is lowered, it automatically relates to better cardiovascular health because our blood pressure gets around the normal ranges.
  • Lower back pain is not something that should be taken lightly because it can result in many intense problems later if you are someone suffering from it then you should opt for a massage chair to make it right.
  • There can be 1000 reasons for your headache including a wrong posture that leads to a stiff body which eventually turns into a headache. A massage chair will make sure that your body keeps moving and your posture is alright.
  • A relaxed mind and body will help open more paths to your creative mind, this will improve your work status because a healthy body is a healthy mind and a healthy mind is a productive mind.

Frequently Asked Questions. 

No matter how much we know about a product, there are still details that we miss out, there still are some complications and queries that we are much confused about, don’t you worry because we are going to make sure that you know everything about the massage chair.

Is Massage Chair Effective? 

Massage chairs are as effective as any normal spa hand massage, they are better than that in fact, you would feel stress-free and rejuvenated.

How Long Can You Use The Massage Chair For?

Massage chairs are no doubt much more intense than any hand massage, so experts say that one session should be around 15 minutes, not more than that.

But there is no rule to that, you can easily set a timer that would turn off even if you doze off during the massage, which is something very normal.

Should You Use Massage Chairs In Pregnancy?

Well, there is mixed advice on this topic, however, people say that using massage chairs in the first trimester of your pregnancy can be very harmful, so it’s better to consult your doctor because trying it.

Can Your Back Get Hurt By Massage Chairs?

Well, yes, but only if you use it the wrong way, that’s why you should have full knowledge about the product before even thinking of operating it or your back can get bruised or brutally hurt.

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