Top 10 Best L Track Massage Chairs 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

L-Track is the recently added feature in massage chairs—It’s similar to the S track but the difference is that it targets deep down to the buttocks, hamstring muscles and is efficient.

Whereas, the S track conform to the spine area and functions on the lower back—This latest technology of the massage chairs makes it good for the people dealing with lower back pains.

We tried 10 trending chairs and here are the Best L Track massage chair reviews.

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1. Titan Pro– Alpha Full Body Massage Chair

Titan Pro-Alpha is the best L-Track massage chair on our list—It is embedded with the latest innovations and technology that can help in lowering your back pain. 

The contemporary feature of the massage chair offers you a deep-penetrating massage along with targeted L track rollers, which works well enough to shoulders, neck, and then proceed down to the glutes, hamstrings, and buttocks area.

It features 6 pre-defined massage programs and space-saving features—The sleeping mode lets you sleep peacefully and chiro mode helps in losing the muscle tension and enables muscles to work properly again. 

Furthermore, the reclining feature merges with the zero-gravity for providing you with a little more 3 inches of space. 

When the zero-gravity feature is activated, it offers you a state of weightlessness and takes you to a higher level with your legs above the heart.

This L-Track massage chair comes with the 3-year warranty and if you are not satisfied with the product, there is a 30-days return policy as well.

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  • Assembling tasks is easy.
  • Manually adjustable.
  • Comfy massage.
  • Sturdy structure.
  • The remote control is a bit bothering.
  • Limited manual functions.

2. Osaki OS-Monarch

The Osaki OS-Monarch is one of the best L track massage chairs and it aims to serve users with the highly advanced technology to replenish your muscles and body. 

This massage chair is incorporated with the 3D massage technology, which impersonates the human dexterities—It contains 4 levels of intensity control to personalize your massage experience. 

It is equipped with the 2 heating pads at the back region, improving your overall massage experience.

The Osaki Os-Monarch massage chair is equipped with a total of 24 airbags at the shoulders, arms, feet, and calf regions—They function well enough to minimize your pain as well as enhances the blood circulation of your body.

Moreover, the massage chair features 5 multiple massage programs that help you in relaxing your body completely.

The zero-Gravity feature with a space-saving pattern is also present in this massage chair, which makes your weight distributed evenly throughout the body and saves some space by the sliding technology while offering you a state of optimal comfort and relaxation.

You can charge your phone via USB connection and enjoy music with the inbuilt Bluetooth speakers. 

This massage chair comes with the deep-kneaded foot massager and an extendable footrest for your convenience.

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  • Manual massage settings.
  • Easy-to-use guide.
  • Simple to assemble.
  • A bit-pricey option.

3. Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

This massage chair would help you a lot in making you feel lulled and soothing down your tired muscles.

Shiatsu massage chair works with the SL track mechanism, providing you relief for your upper back to deep down to the seat. The chair features in 3 auto massage programs and 4 massage points that can help you experience pleasant massage.

It has a futuristic design for the user convenience that can help you in getting a proper posture—It includes an armrest that is embedded with a handy pouch on the massage chair to place small accessories like phones. 

Moreover, the Bluetooth speakers allow you to enjoy music during the massage. 

You don’t need to worry about its material and upholstery, which is designed from the premium quality steel that is durable enough to serve you for the long-run. 

The massage chair can cater to up to 200 lbs. Also, it’s easy to clean this chair.

This L-Track massage chair has an ergonomic design and is best for the offices, home, and living room. You can charge your phone and other electronic devices via the USB connector. 

The brand has great customer service to offer you a 100% refund if not satisfied with the quality. 

  • Easy-to-use remote control.
  • Fairly compact than some others.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Don’t benefit taller people.
  • Airbags sometimes cause inconvenience.

4. truMedic Instashiatsu 3D Massage Chair

truMedic is one of the strong contenders on our review list—It has tons of amazing features that you can’t miss.

The massage chair is installed with a body scan technology and SL track mechanism. 

The rollers automatically tailor your spine area and trigger points to ensure that they treat your areas properly. It comes with the different air cells that penetrate deep in the muscles, improving your muscles flexibility.

This L-Track massage chair comes with the Zero Gravity feature that takes you to a reclined posture, distributing your weight evenly. 

It has a perfect combination of different massage modes, giving you the best way to flex and relax your tight muscles. The elevated position allows your blood to circulate more properly. 

You can easily personalize the massage settings via the remote controller.

You have access to air pressure, speed of the massage, 6 auto functions with 3 intensity levels, recline, or lower backrest with many other features based on your preference.

Lastly, This massage chair has the sliding mechanism that offers the little more space to the room of 3 to 4 inches by sliding against the wall. Also, it has an extendable footrest that allows catering users of all heights easily.

  • Affordable option.
  • Simple to understand panel.
  • Use multiple functions at once.
  • Lack of heating feature.
  • Lack of colors.

5. Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Recliner Massage Chair

Medical Breakthrough is a well-known brand that is reputed for its supreme standard of massage chairs. 

This model is the only massage chair introduced after the side-by-side testing from professional therapists, chiropractors, and various doctors.

As far as the customization is concerned, the massage chair is highly customizable and you can adjust settings, speed, and other features with just a push of a button on the remote control.

Aside from that, it is equipped with medical scan technology that perfectly fits the body shape, and pressure is delivered thoroughly to the wanted areas.

This L-track massage chair is installed with a heating system that renders heat in your waist and spine allowing your muscles to relax and promote blood circulation in these regions. 

The Zero-Gravity feature allows the user to relax offering a weightless state.

The massage chair features a full-body stretch program, which is the best way to get rid of unnecessary pains in your muscles. The inflation bags compress on the hip area and stretch your muscles, giving you a rich-relaxing state for your muscles.

  • It is medically operated by 25 doctors.
  • No limitation in customizing.
  • Simple to assemble.
  • Best for chronic pain and other back issues.
  • Instructions are vague.
  • It comes in only 1 color.
  • Not good for taller people.

6. Human Touch Novo XT – Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

The Human Touch Novo is well-known for producing ultra-high-performance and has changed the game by coming to the massage chair industry. 

It perfectly meets your therapeutic needs and there is no more need for any personal masseuse with this masterpiece.

This massage chair features an L track roller system—These rollers target about 60% of your back area and goes deep down to the glutes. 

It has a built-in Heating therapy at the lumbar region that offers you gentle warmth in loosening muscle tension and can enhance the blood circulation as well.

Thanks to the Space-saving design as the technology slides the massage chair, making sufficient space available in the room—It has a variable foot and calf massager, which elongates and suits every user’s height easily.

The massage chair is equipped with air cells located in different regions to apply pressure to the wanted areas and make them recover as fast as possible. 

Moreover, it incorporates a 3D massage technology that imitates the human hands on your body with 5 intensity settings. 

With the outfitted Bluetooth connectivity of speakers, it improves your environment and relaxation of the massage. The massage chair also has the USB connection to charge your mobile phones or any electronic stuff.

  • It offers strong performance. 
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • Easy to operate LCD remote control.
  • Wide range of pre-defined programs.
  • Poor quality speakers.
  • Foot massaging technology is unsuitable for some users.

7. Kahuna SM-7300S

The Kahuna SM-7300S is a more upgraded massage chair than its previous model. 

Moreover, it offers some of the fascinating properties that you can’t miss. This L-track massage chair is designed to provide you immense relaxation.

In this model of Kahuna, you get access to 14 pre-defined functions, which are based on the shiatsu techniques that mimic the human dexterities. 

Along with this, heating mechanism is also present which provides you gentle warmth to the back and leg areas.

This massage chair comes with the air-cells technology with 5 air pressure levels installed on the hip, shoulders, arms, and waist to offer you the utmost relaxation in these areas—These air-cells inflate on the thighs and calves area to give the full-body coverage.

It is incorporated with the Bluetooth system, which makes it user-friendly for you to enjoy high-end built-in speakers. Also, it is compatible with android devices.

If you want your body to be targeted entirely, then you don’t need to worry as its latest body scan technology detects the full shape and size of the body.

Last but not least, Human touch massage chair features in space-saving pattern and Zero-Gravity, which spreads your weight offering deeper and intense massage sessions. 

This position occupies only 3.5-inch from the wall which gives you a little more storage in your room. Also, it is suitable for users with up to a height of 6.5 feet. 

  • Moderate price.
  • Great weight and height accommodation.
  • Assembly is a bit time-consuming.
  • Limited warranty.

8. Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair

Kahuna LM-6800 massage chair is one of the best chairs presents in the market today, due to a variety of reasons, this chair offers a relaxing and soothing massage with its sophisticated features, which includes L-track system as well. 

The L-Track system is designed to offer relaxation for your back muscles—The roller follows the natural curve of your spine, offering you a comprehensive massage experience.

The massage chair comes with a 3D body scan technology—Rollers automatically detect your whole body pressure points to make sure that they hit your body properly.

It comes with the Zero-Gravity feature that makes this product more unique, by adding 3 more different levels—The feature reclines your knees above your heart, relieving you from the chronic pain conditions and offering a more therapeutic massage.

The Air Massage technology in this massage chair operates with the minimum air cells and ensures that it covers your entire body, giving you stretches and twists.

Space-saving design is technology, which urges the user to get this product. The design allows you to have 3-4 inches of room between the backrest and the wall.

It has an easy-to-use remote control and extendable ottoman is a handy feature for taller people.

  • Dual-footers for sanitary use.
  • Decent price.
  • Yoga-stretch and chiro-feature.
  • Remote is noisy sometimes.
  • Foot massaging is rough.

9. Ootori S-L Track Massage Chair

This chair from Ootori is one of the best massage chairs that can help you in providing a rich and relaxing state. 

It has an S-L track massage feature that is the latest technology found on the massagers, which offers you the robotic hands in your massage.

The Zero Gravity features the user’s in most comfortable stature because they are weightless as you move upright. 

This L-Track massage chair also consists of highly dedicated wireless speakers allowing you to enjoy the music with massaging all at once.

3D rollers play an important part in this massage chair as they move back and forth from the neck to the lower abdomen and cover the almost full-body. 

It also has a Smart detection system that tailors your body size automatically—This all can help you bring in a solace state with its amazing features.

3 rollers per foot are one of the useful features from this massage chair that renders you a deep tissue massage with gua sha therapy. 

It can also do airbag massage therapy for your hands, shoulders, calves, and feet. The footrest features offer benefits to the tall users by accommodating them facilely. 

It has 6 massage programs which include rolling shiatsu, kneading, knocking, and Yoga stretching systems. 

This ensures that you gain warmth and revitalizing experience for your body and heating therapy can make you feel more comfortable on the lumbar area with its 2 heating pads.

  • Saves little storage.
  • Offers pleasant massage.
  • Provides an Appropriate posture.
  • No proper guide for user’s

10. Osaki Titan Apex Massage Chair

Osaki massage chair can be a good option for those who are under stress and goes with a busy schedule.

This massage chair provides a complete body massage making your muscles flex and relax at the same time.

The machine features in the L-Track body massage system and Zero-Gravity feature. The roller moves and completes the full-body massage. 

This device scans your spine area unconsciously and discovers the region for massage, giving you a relaxed posture.

Heating therapy is great equipment to this massage chair that can offer you gentle warmth in loosening muscle tension and can enhance the blood circulation as well.

The L-track massage chair features in Space-saving design. If you have a little space left in your office or home then this technology of this chair slides the chair, which makes sufficient space available on the room.

It has a variable foot massager that can adjust the people of many heights—The footrest option elongates and suits every user’s height easily.

The massage chair consists of a side remote controller that is straightforward for any users and you can choose the setting depending upon the comfort level you need. 

The pomp contains 4 auto massage programs to begin your massage within a few moments.

Osaki has several airbags accommodated throughout the massage chair that enables you to go through the overall body massage which is outfitted at shoulders, arms, thighs, and foot regions.

  • Variable speed.
  • Available in more colors.
  • No Bluetooth system.
  • It doesn’t have an ergonomic design. 

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