8 Best Kahuna Massage Chairs 2020 – Review + Buyer’s Guide

Kahuna is a leading brand when we talk about the massage chair industry, as it plays a vital role in manufacturing a durable, top-quality, and full of features product.

We tried all of their products for finding the Best kahuna massage chair, Here are our reviews for the top 9 chairs.

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List of 8 Best Kahuna Massage Chairs 2020

1. HM-Kappa

HM-Kappa Kahuna massage chair is made from the latest technology that doesn’t only offer you an incredible massage experience. But, it has a smooth touch and ergonomic design that urges the user to opt for this product. However, this top-of-the-line massage chair is high-priced.

The HM-Kappa massage chair is flexible enough to provide you the massage programs of your choice. It comes with both automatic and manual massage options, allowing you to customize the massage and relieving the pain to its fullest.

This Kahuna massage chair is embedded with 15 exceptional pre-defined programs that are designed to offer you a lulled state. These include 6 regular functions, 4 unique sports programs, 2 modes for Kahuna chiro and 3 are for stretching programs. These modes enable you to undergo a rich-relaxing state for your mind, muscles, and body. 

4D SKMS-09M-225L is a mechanism that works perfectly and targets all your body with the 4D body scanning and makes you relief from the stiffness of every inch of your body. Its S-L track feature tailors the spine and follows the rollers that give a personalized massage.

Kahuna HM-Kappa is installed with the 96 air-cells technology that functions to lower down stress and hence improves your circulation of the body. The chair has a built-in Bluetooth feature that offers you a sublime experience through its sound quality. Moreover, this chair is compatible with Android and ios devices.

Finally, a zero-Gravity feature with space-saving technology is also present in this Kahuna chair, which makes your weight distributed evenly throughout the body. Furthermore, it has height adjustability technology also that accommodates the user of heights ranging from 5.1 to 6-inch heights.

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  • It makes it convenient due to the Kappa App.
  • Expensive option.
  • No head massage available.

2. KAHUNA SM 9000

The Kahuna SM-9000 is another strong contender. It has some state-of-the-art technology, ready to boost up your mood and ease your chronic pain conditions.

This massage chair is outfitted with some modern features which include the Air Float 3D feature, an S-L track system, and 6 infrared thermal rollers that operate on your spine area to buttocks and offer you the minimum level of noise for enhancing overall health and mood.

Kahuna SM-9000 has an inbuilt heating therapy, which is best in minimizing your stress and soothing you from the muscle conditions with the aid of gentle warmth.

The Zero-Gravity feature makes this massage chair more fascinating by offering a state of weightlessness and the soft roofing of the chair lets you feel caressed. It can entertain the users from heights up to 6.5 inches.

This Kahuna massage chair is completely equipped with airbags technology that makes your massage sessions comfortable—Airbags ensure the correct spots on your body and help in getting rid of fatigue and muscle tightness.

Lastly, Kahuna SM-9000 comes with a space-efficient design that makes it a little convenient for your room storage, due to the reclining feature. In this model of Kahuna, a new massage feature Yoga Stretch is added to help you in dealing with chronic pain conditions.

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  • The chair is built with a contemporary motor.
  • One of the best Zero-Gravity chairs.
  • The remote control includes different intensity levels.
  • It has a short power cord.
  • Heavy.

3. Kahuna SM-7300

The Kahuna SM-7300 is all you need; it works with the ultra-modern technology to offer some benefits for your body. It is a heavy-duty massage chair and comes with appealing features.

This Kahuna massage chair features in the latest S-L track design that covers your spine area to buttocks with the addition of 6 wheel rollers, making you feel relaxed and delightful at the same moment. 

It assists users with up to 6 feet and 5 inches. The Kahuna comes with a broad range of 9 unique massage modes, which allow you to undertake multiple massage types including Recovery, Golfer, Senior, Office Person, Pain Relief, Relaxation, and others.

Kahuna SM-7300 incorporates the Air-cells located right at the hip area and inflates around the calves and foot that helps to reduce your hip pains and alleviate the spinal alignment. Furthermore, the airbags come with 5 different intensity controls.

The Zero-Gravity and Space-saving technology add value and comfort level to this massage chair by reclining at the above level and making it relaxing for the back and neck of the user. Also, the reclining posture gives you a 3 inch more space.

Last but not the least; the easy-to-use remote control of Kahuna SM-7300 includes an option for LED lights that may assist you with multiple colors, creating a spectacular environment for you to relax even more.

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  • Handy and a large chair.
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Some people claim about intense massage.
  • It comes with 2 boxes.

4. Kahuna Hani

Kahuna Hani massage chair is a trendy product that has just been introduced in the chair industry. It looks like a normal massage chair but it has some prominent features.

This massage chair comes with the L-track design, which is extendable to the thighs offering you a complete body massage. Moreover, it includes a handy remote control as well as premium quality audio features. 

Kahuna Hani offers 3 reclining positions—it’s a unique feature—Massage chair gives you a fully lulled state on those positions. Along with this, it is equipped with a comfort C-Curve for a headrest.

3D massage rollers are also present in this kahuna massage chair, which is a plus point as it offers a gentle massage with rollers moving back and forth. Also, it has a 13 inch of a field of movement that emulates the human dexterities for giving you a warm and caressed feeling.

This chair has 7 massage programs, 4 pre-programmed massage options, and 3 manual massage types. You can set these massage settings based on your preference and undergo a personalized massage to meet your requirements.

Kahuna Hani massage chair features a Space-saving design. If you have a little space left in your office or home then the technology of this chair is suitable as it slides the chair, which makes sufficient space available on the room.

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  • Reasonable price.
  • User-friendly remote.
  • No customer reviews.

5. Kahuna Exquisite Hubot HM 078

This Kahuna massage chair is designed for those who are looking to get professional-grade treatment. As the name suggests, it has some compelling features that refresh and energizes you.

The Exquisite works with the advanced technology which involves rhythmic air massage, rollers, and hyper track mechanism for your lower area of the body. This Kahuna chair has a built-in mobile app, so you can control it via phone too. 

Kahuna Exquisite is installed with the S-track system that is extendable up to 51.2 inches, which means it covers the 80% region of your body. Besides this, it also includes a head and temple massage feature for de-stressing yourself.

It comes with the sophisticated rhythmic 100+ airbags technology with 5 intensity levels that are more precise in control than rollers and airbags, as it mainly targets the specific area or the muscle groups, improving oxygen levels and circulation as well.

Also, it offers you 15 amazing massage functions, which include 3 stretching modes, 4 sports programs, 2 chiro programs, and 7 manual massage functions.

Furthermore, this Kahuna massage chair features in space-saving pattern and Zero-Gravity when you’re on a reclined posture. This stature makes you save your 3-inch from the wall. Also, it can entertain users with up to a height of 6.1 feet.

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  • The mobile app offers convenience in controlling.
  • Castors present for easy movements.
  • Great performance.
  • Slightly high-priced.
  • Foot massage may be intense.
  • Only 2 colors.

6. Kahuna LM 6800S

Kahuna LM 6800S is one of the classic and popular products on our review list, it has some key features that can make you relief from unwanted aches and chronic pains.

This kahuna massage chair is specifically L-designed to work on the thighs and back. It decompresses your spine areas. Furthermore, it has built-in Bluetooth speakers that are ideal for music lovers to enjoy during a massage. 

The inbuilt rollers included with airbags on shoulders, arms, waist, and buttock area results in deep stretching of the muscles, and the air-cells technology treats the entire body, making effective massage sessions.

Kahuna LM 6800S features in Zero-Gravity 3 positions that elevate above the heart level, stimulating the blood circulation and offers a comfy massage. Also, it has a space-saving pattern that saves space in your room by a special sliding mechanism.

It comes with the 12 programmed auto massages. Yoga and chiro modes are also installed, giving you a feeling of a professional therapist working on your body. These programs would assist you in easing chronic and neck pain conditions.

Unlike some other massage chairs, this Kahuna massage chair has the User-memory incorporated that saves the custom massage, intensity levels, and session duration that you wish to go-for.

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  • Updated chair.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Quality chair.
  • Manual operation not good.
  • Some areas demand improvement.

7. Kahuna SM-7300S

The Kahuna SM-7300S is a more upgraded option than its previous model. However, it offers some of the amazing features that you can’t afford to miss. This massage chair is designed to provide you with immense relaxation.

In this model of Kahuna, you get access to 14 pre-defined functions, which are based on the shiatsu techniques that mimic the human dexterities. The heating mechanism is also present which provides you gentle warmth to the back and leg areas.

This Kahuna massage chair comes with the air-cells technology and 5 air pressure levels installed on the hip, shoulders, arms, and waist to offer you the utmost relaxation in these areas. These air-cells inflate on the thighs and calves area to give the full-body coverage.

It is incorporated with the Bluetooth system, which makes it user-friendly for you to enjoy high-end speakers built in it. Also, it is compatible with android devices.

If you want your body to be targeted entirely, then you don’t need to worry as its latest body scan technology detects the full shape and size of the body.

Last but not least, Kahuna SM-7300S features in space-saving pattern and Zero-Gravity, which spreads your weight offering deeper and intense massage sessions. 

This position occupies only 3.5-inch from the wall which gives you a little more storage in your room. Also, it is suitable for users with up to a height of 6.5 feet. 

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  • Moderate price.
  • Great weight and height accommodation.
  • Assembly is a bit time-consuming.
  • Limited warranty.

8. Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair

Kahuna LM-6800 massage chair is one of the good chairs presents in the market today, due to a variety of reasons, this chair offers a relaxing and soothing massage with its sophisticated features.

It has an L-track system, which is designed to offer relaxation for your muscles. The roller follows the natural curve of your spine, offering you a comprehensive massage experience.

This kahuna massage chair comes with a 3D body scan technology—Rollers automatically detects your whole body pressure points to make sure that they hit your body properly.

It comes with the Zero-Gravity feature that makes this product more unique, by adding 3 more different levels. The feature reclines your knees above than your heart, relieving you from the chronic pain conditions and offering a more therapeutic massage.

The Air Massage technology in Kahuna LM-6800 operates with the minimum air cells and ensures that it covers your entire body, giving you stretches and twists.

The design of this massage chair allows you to have 3-4 inches of room between the backrest and the wall. It has an easy-to-use remote control and extendable ottoman is a handy feature for taller people.

  • Dual-footers for sanitary use.
  • Decent price.
  • Yoga-stretch and chiro-feature.
  • Remote is noisy sometimes.
  • Foot massaging is rough.

Some Important factors to consider before buying a Kahuna Massage Chair:


The company offers the 3 years warranty to its massage chairs considering the durability and built quality. For high-end chairs, you get 5 years of the warranty period. You may also receive the customer services if any problem is ought to appear from the chair.

Other than this, you get the White Glove Delivery Service but at an extra penny. It will renew your product, assembled, and other wastage is eliminated from the chair.


Kahuna massage chairs must include built-in heaters. The warm through them helps to heal sore muscles via enhanced blood flow and decreased recovery period. When looking for a Kahuna chair make sure to look for the latest infrared rollers technology so it can manage to give therapeutic effects.


This is one of the major aspects when you need to purchase the right product for you. If you’re looking for the top-of-the-line models then you might end up getting an empty pocket. Search for the massage chair that values for many and comes with sufficient features.

The massage chair that has a stylish design, state-of-the-art technology, embedded with additional features and different massage functions would have a high-priced. But you can still opt for the expensive units as they offer the resilience, durability, and immense relaxation all at once.

FDA Approved

You must ensure that any product you’re looking for must be FDA approved as a medical unit. So you have a clear-cut that these models are tested and don’t offer any sort of risks and harm to your body.

Remote Control

The control settings should feature large and easy-to-read buttons. Handheld remotes are very convenient to use as they provide full access while in a reclined position. Indicator lights and display screen makes it easier to know which settings need to be switched.

Final Words

With the growing popularity of the massage chairs, companies are working tirelessly to satisfy their customers to an extent.

 However, Kahuna massage chairs don’t lack anything and vouch to provide you pleasant massage experiences. For your ease, you would be guided throughout the article with the dos and don’ts of chairs and what can exactly meet your demands.

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