Top 8 Best Human Touch Massage Chairs 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

We tried all the Human Touch massage chairs and ranked them in the list below by keeping in mind their features and pricing…

Human Touch is a valuable brand and produces quality products, So the chairs ranking low in our list never meant to be low-quality chairs—instead consider it a list of 8 best human touch massage chairs.

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1. Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair

Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair comes with the best features—it has dual heat transmitters for soothing your Vertebrae with warm air.

It has a body map feature for selecting the pain points, and warm air massage enhances the overall blood flow of your body. Its five regulations work for your pain, stress, therapy, and relaxation. 

This massage chair comes with a therapeutic massage feature—Therapeutic massage provides a soothing experience with its 3D orbital system.

It also has CirQlation’s figure-eight technology, for improving blood circulation and performs best for insomnia, hypertension, and Fibromyalgia.

The only thing I don’t like is its foot-massage feature because of its pressure & intensity.

  • The intensity is adjustable. 
  • This unit comes with five automatic preset programs. 
  • The circulation massage option works best with blood pressure. 
  • Swivel bases design saves the space.
  • The footrest is not comfortable. 

2. Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair

Human Touch SuperNovo massage chair comes with smart features—you can control it with voice commands by connecting it with Alexa.

This massage chair comes with eight serene and calm nature tracks. Its meditation programs provide you with enhanced comfort and relaxation.

 It has 38 auto-wellness and three exclusive 4D massages—you can choose between a full-body stretch massage with zero gravity and dual lumbar heat massage with rollers.

The dual lumbar heat massage or a calf massage takes you in a stress-free world of relaxation. This massage chair can do both, Swedish massage and Shiatsu massage with its human-like touch capabilities.

You can also connect your smart devices using Bluetooth for music—it comes with an advanced interface for making the controls easy for you.

The only thing I don’t like is its missing heat feature for calves, it’s not efficient at removing your chronic lower back pains.

  • Super Novo massage chair comes with dual-foot rollers. 
  • The 38 wellness program gives a surreal experience. 
  • Auto-adjusting ottoman. 
  • Integration of Cloud touch massage mode.
  • The design does not appeal to everyone. 
  • The heating elements for the calves are missing. 

3. Human Touch WholeBody 5.1 Massage Chair

Human Touch WholeBody 5.1 massage chair comes with three massage motions—toning, flexing, and stretching. The exclusive massage motions are customizable to provide the user with superior comfort. 

 The circulation technology is integrated, which provides the automatic preset massage setting, to relax the muscles, feet, and calves. 

This massage chair comes with dual massage motos, which are specially designed to provide comfort to your legs. It can be easily separated or altered according to the preference of the user. 

Its swivel feature can recline into different positions, and the massage intensity can be leveled up to three different settings. 

This massage chair comes with a 3D FlexGlide massage option that gives you the feeling of a smooth hot oil massage, without pinching and creating distress to your skin. The foot and leg rest also provides exceptional blood circulation. 

There are two things that I don’t like about this massage chair— convenience and comfort for taller users. And the missing property of lumbar heat massage. 

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  • This massage chair has both pre-programmed and manual massage techniques. 
  • FlexGlide orbital massage properties. 
  • The base of the chair swivels.
  • Zero Gravity seating position. 
  • This massage chair does not entertain taller users. 
  • It lacks heated lumbar massage properties.

4. Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 Massage Chair

Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 Massage Chair comes with commendable features—it can be reclined to different positions for the comfort of tall people.

This massage chair has an additional feature of zero gravity—eliminates the strain of the lower back. It has a body map feature that adds extra pressure to the stressful areas. 

The G5.0 Massage chair comes with foot and calf rest along with the rollers and vibrations. Its figure-eight technology improves blood circulation. 

The therapeutic benefits of this massage chair include the patented warm air technology. With the lumbar heat pads, the air relaxes your muscles faster. 

You can choose between six advanced massage techniques and enjoy a 3D massage with an intricate feeling. 

The thing I don’t like about this massage chair is the limited heat intensity and air therapy. The intensity of heat stops at one point. 

  • Six advanced massage techniques. 
  • Foot massager entertains taller people. 
  • One step to zero gravity transformation. 
  • Pre-programmed and manual massage methods.
  • Limited heat intensity and air therapy. 

5. AcuTouch 9500x Premium Massage Chair 

The AcuTouch 9500x Premium massage chair is known for its Acupoint Detection system; it targets the pressure points and comes with a recliner that can be altered into different positions. 

This massage chair has a CirQlation technology, which exceptionally increases the blood circulation. The 8-point pulsating system allows you to choose between different parts. 

Its massage comfort control system allows you to control the intensity. Two heat modules keep the muscles warm and reduce the pain. 

The extendable feet and calves massage heals and gives comfort to the lower body. 

The comfort of the massage chair itself is one thing that I don’t like. The chair is not entirely comfortable and creates distress during long massage sessions.

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  • It comes with CirQlation technology.
  • 8-point pulsation system. 
  • Full back-body scan with mapping pressure points. 
  • Dual heated lumbar massage. 
  • The chair is not comfortable

6. Human Touch Novo XT Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

Human Touch XT Zero-Gravity Massage Chair uses an advanced L-track system to provide you with a complete deep-tissue massage. 

You can create your custom massage with the intensity setting and deep-tissue massage programs. Its Zero gravity feature enables you to get a therapeutic massage for soothing your back pain.

The reflexology rollers provide an intense massage to feet and calves. Its full-body stretch feature is also therapeutic and offers instant relief. 

This massage chair comes with an extended leg and footrest provide relief to the tightness of the tired muscles. The figure-eight technology stimulates the blood flow right towards the heart. 

Its 34 built-in massage programs allow you to choose from the secondary massage styles too. You can do both Thai and stretch at the same time. 

The only drawback of this massage chair is the intensity of the heat in the calf area. 

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  • It comes with a zero-gravity feature. 
  • It has 36 inflatable airbags. 
  • Advanced L-track system. 
  • It comes with LCD remote features.
  • No heat intensity in the calf area.

7. Human Touch NOVO XT2 Massage Chair

Novo XT Zero-Gravity Massage Chair is one of the commendable chairs and comes with Cloud Touch Acupressure.

This massage chair has 35 auto-wellness programs; switching from an ordinary body massage to a stretched body massage does not take much time. 

There are ten manual techniques; you can choose from Shiatsu, Swedish, and Thai—that too with music sync option. 

It also has a zero-gravity massage feature, which releases the pain effectively off your spin. The airbags apply to focus on acupuncture and relaxes the tension in the muscle.

Speaking about the rollers of the massage chair, they can move hybrid. The SL Unibody design rollers touch the straight pressure points and release the stretch.

One major drawback of this massage chair is the adjustment of the heat. Other than that, this massage chair is quite heavy; you can not quickly move around this chair alone. 

  • It comes with zero gravity features. 
  • It has 35 auto-wellness programs. 
  • This massage chair has 3D Flex technology.
  • Built-in music system.
  • The heat intensity can not be adjusted. 

8. Human Touch iJOY 2.1 Massage Chair

Human Touch iJOY 2.1 Massage Chair is one of the basic chairs with the 3D FlexGlide massage technology. 

It comes with three automatic massage programs—Relaxes, Perform and Recover, along with an adjustable pillow. The 2D rollers and S-track allows you to get a more in-depth massage experience. 

This Human Touch massage chair can also recline to a 180-degree angle, and stresses all the strain in the vertebrae. 

The built-in massage program targets the muscle in the most therapeutic way. The zippered pockets are enough to store books, magazines, and laptops.

There are inevitable fallouts about this massage chair—the rollers do not adjust automatically to the pressure points. There is no zero gravity, width, and intensity adjustments. 

  • The zippered pockets are quite spacious
  • This massage chair has 3D Flex technology.
  • It comes with a zone massage feature. 
  • This massage chair is compact and light.
  • The rollers are manual. 
  • There are no heat intensity adjustments. 

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