Top 10 Best Head Massager 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Investing in the best head massager can be the snappiest way to release your anxiety, daily tension and reducing stress after a hectic day. 

Head massagers offer many health benefits and soothing, relaxing state that can help you recover from headaches and mental problems.

We reviewed many massagers from multiple companies and here are the top 10 products based on features and prices.

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Kesitis electric is the best head massager in terms of features and pricing.

It has 4 massage heads with 21 individual nodes made from softer silicon and doesn’t allow the device to tangle and pull the hair. 

These nodes function simultaneously on your scalp, rotating clockwise and anti-clockwise which provides human-like massage— giving you a rich-relaxing state of mind.

This head massager is built from a flimsy material and weighs around 0.7kg. It is a cordless device, which means it is super compact to carry anywhere. It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery, so you don’t need to worry about its timing and portability.

The head massager body is made from IPX-7 waterproof material, which ensures you that you can get a comfortable and soothing shower for your scalp properly. It has a charging base with the USB cable to assist you in operating it.

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It has 4 options for setting the different modes as per your needs—You can control the speed and direction of your massage session.

  • Affordable device.
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery and compact
  • 12 months of warranty.
  • Nodes are sometimes not comfortable.

2. NORYALANA Head Massager

Noryalana head massager is one of the best versions available in the market. It is a helmet-type device that operates to give you a pleasant massage experience. 

The head massager has 4 different relaxing programs. It comprises vibration, deep massage, heat therapy, and music—You can also customize the massage settings as per your need.

It uses air for pressure points and other programs to help you in minimizing sleeping disorders, migraines, and insomnia. This makes you feel like human-hands are working on your body—giving you a warm feel.  

Noryalana head massager comes with an adjustable size option that you can use for fixing your head—You don’t need to worry about size problems anymore.

The handheld remote control shows you all the active modes/settings for providing you with complete control in your hand.

The device is powered by a USB cable on computer and 4AA batteries with a power adapter. 

  • Easy to use.
  • It provides you a comfortable and pleasant experience.
  • Head components are not detachable.
  • Difficult to carry it anywhere due to the helmet.
  • It can’t be operated manually.

3. MARNUR Scalp Massager

Marnur scalp massager comes with all the features in the good budget—If you are looking for a good head massager at a low price, this is it.

The head massager consists of 3 interchangeable attachments: Hairbrush scalp promotes hair growth, helps in recovering from sleep disorders and improves blood circulation.

With Loofah pad for the shower—it revitalizes the skin and offers deep cleansing massage to your face giving a smooth finish. The vibration massager will assist you in reducing stress.

The head massager is water-repellent—it is safe to use in the shower. You can experience a comfortable bath using this device—It will help you kill the dead skin cells and enhance your facial growth as well.

It comes with 2AA batteries that are used for vibrating purpose and you don’t need to purchase batteries separately—It is suggested that you must detach the battery when using attachments for the shower.

It has an ergonomic design which is the handy feature of this gadget—It will allow the comfy grip on your hands and offer you a better massage experience for the users.

  • Batteries serve well.
  • Multi-purpose features and attachments.
  • You can operate it on the various parts of your body.
  • Just one vibration setting.
  • It provides difficulty for people with thick hair.

4. IKEEPI Scalp Massager

IKEEPI scalp massager is a compactable device—it is built from lightweight PET plastic material and you can carry it anywhere.

The used plastic is elastic and sturdy to serve the customers for the long term.

The head massager is equipped with 2 massage heads—The finger gripper claw massage head is useful for reducing the stress, tension and stimulates the blood circulation.

It also comes with a 3-point round massage head—The attachment is made to use for the other body areas like neck, shoulders, arms, and legs—This unit has a vibration technique that improves the local blood flow and makes your face glower than before.

The head massager is powered by 3AA batteries and can continuously run for 3 hours—Being portable and ergonomic, it’s worth it to buy the product as it can fit anywhere with its size.

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  • Convenient to use.
  • Usable to other regions of the body.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Lightweight.
  • It has no heating element.
  • Just one massages mode and attachment.

5. HEETA Hair Scalp Massager

HEETA scalp massager comes with the perfect build quality within budget—The product belongs to a reputed brand as well.

The head massager is operated manually and I believe that’s the reason for its low price.

HEETA manual device doesn’t require any batteries and has low-weight—It makes the device super portable.

The head massager brush is made up of high standard silicone—It will help you in getting neat scalp with less dandruff overtime. Also, you can experience a satisfying shower with this device.

You can gain many benefits like easing your itchiness; it stimulates the blood circulation of your desired area and using it regularly will provide you a healthier and shinier finish to your hair.

HEETA scalp massager has a lightweight and ergonomic design which allows you to handle it properly.

  • Functions manually allow it to be super compact.
  • It offers a deep cleansing method.
  • Preferred for all types of hair, thick and thin.
  • It has a 1-year warranty.
  • Several people object to the bristles being hard and not comfy at all.

6. TEZAM Head Massager

TEZAM head massager comes with good features and low-price.

It has a dual-motion head for your convenience—You have the choice to select the one for tapping and shaking.

Dual-motion feature doesn’t only offer head benefits—it covers other body regions to release the tension in your muscles and recover you from unpleasant pains as well.

The head massager comes with a five-hand design that feels like human hands on your body. 

The vibration technique in this device sends 8,500 micro-vibrations each minute for providing you the resilient vibration massage that flexes and soothe your muscles.

You can use this head massager during your shower as it can purify your dirt that is stuck in your scalp for a long-time—The settings are easy to control as well.

The massager has a rounded design structure—It is easy to carry around and grip is good as well. 

Also, it is powered by 3 AAA batteries and the massager is completely portable. 

  • Lightweight 
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • It has only 1 attachment 
  • No heating therapy option.
  • A little-bit loud with greater vibrations intensity.
  • Not water-resistant


BREO scalp massager comes with many health benefits at an affordable price—The device is easy to carry around.

The head massager has a subtle design that provides ease for the users to perfectly grip on their hands for a comfortable massage.

It comes with 4 detachable fingers that impersonate the human fingers working on your body, which helps in reducing the stress and muscle tension.

This head massager is equipped with IPX-7 watertight material and 96 massage nodes ensure the safety—The device is water-repellent and can be used during the shower.

It is powered by a sturdy rechargeable lithium battery—you can facilely operate it for a continuous 90 minutes.

The head massager comes with deep relaxation feature that offers a professional massage experience—Highly dedicated and multi-purpose feature tempts the users for more frequent use. 

It has 3 stimulation settings for gentle, combination and regular massages.

  • Wireless and rechargeable all at once.
  • It comes with 6 massage techniques.
  • Compact.
  • Made up of soft-silicon material.
  • It takes time in recharging it.
  • Large palms face difficulty in use.
  • It doesn’t have any product manual.

8. SCOBUTY Electric Head Massager

The SCOBUTY head massager is best for the people that undergo various disorders like insomnia, stress, lack of sleep and migraine. 

The device operates in a way that it can recover you from all the pains.

SCOBUTY head massager has a TSNS stimulation wave that helps the patients to take proper and sufficient sleep—It is preferred for the people that go with poor sleep and high pressure. 

It comes with a sleeping instrument—The feature allows you to sleep promptly with a psychological feature that works simultaneously and relieves your stress, anxiety and helps in combating fatigue, ensuring you a good sleep.

It is lightweight and a portable device to carry. You can carry on with your walking, exercise and at home. 

The head massager needs just 15 minutes for easing all your pains— giving you a carefree state of mind.

SCOBUTY head massager has a flexible band and you can customize it as per your preference. The device comes with electrode sheets. 

You can feel the electronic pulse on your head while you’re on massage mode. This helps you in minimizing your stress, anxiety, and depression.

  • It has easy to use features.
  • Advanced Technology.
  • It can run 12 months easily with care.
  • Bristles may seem unsuitable for some customers.

9. BREO IDREAM5 Rechargeable Head Massager

Breo IDREAM5 head massager can be a good option. This device has many features that tempt the user to go for it. It has an exceptional design that offers a satisfying massage experience. 

The Bluetooth connectivity feature makes it top-of-the-line, as it is the only head massager that comes with the Bluetooth feature.

Bluetooth feature allows you to customize the massage, including session timer, heat, music and other settings of the device. You can even make a massage mode of the head, using Breo’s app available on the Apple store and Google Play store. 

The head massager comes with a built-in lithium battery; you can do your job within 15 minutes per day.

BREO massager functions simultaneously to massage the front and back of the head, your forehead, temples, and neighboring areas to make you free from stress, anxiety, tension and soothes your entire body. 

Using it daily will keep you away from the disorders you possess and exhaustion from the entire day, giving you a peaceful sleep.

The BREO IDREAM 5 head massager gives you a blissful experience of massage with its different massage skills like gentle air compression, mimics the human’s hand, kneading and pulsing, infrared heat compression with penetrating head massages.

  • Durable battery life.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Convenient helmet.
  • High-priced.
  • Little-bit heavier than others.
  • The app is accessible in the Korean language only.

10. LATME Electric Scalp Massager

The LATME electric scalp massager is the ideal massager that comes with good features at a low price. 

The device consists of 28 individual nodes and 3D kneading massage technique. LATME head massager doesn’t restrict to the head only but you can operate it to other body regions as well. 

It will result in stimulating hair growth with a shinier and healthier look.

The head massager has a perfect design that is made to finish the trivial pains, aches, sore and stiffness that is present in your neck, shoulders, legs, and arms. 

The standout feature is that it has water-resistant technology and you can use it during the shower.

The design of the device properly fixes to your palm for a comfortable hold. The massager is free of wires and the battery is rechargeable which makes it portable.

The head massager consists of Full Body Tiredness Eliminator-28, which helps us in relieving body pain and aches. This will help you in a speedy recovery and promotes blood circulation in the desired area.

  • Wireless with a compact structure.
  • It has a magnetic charging.
  • A little bit heavier in weight.
  • Not as versatile as BREO.

Things To Consider Before Buying Head Massager

These factors would assist you in selecting the right device for you. 

Massage Programs

Kneading is one of the most usual kinds of technology that is present in all massagers. This technique compresses the soft tissues with one another, which relieves the discomfort in your muscles.

Percussion is a not so common technique and many head massagers don’t have this skill, as it is not an effective method to flex your muscles and for your scalp as well.

Tapping is a suitable method for people who undergo muscle knots and muscle headaches. It raises your blood flow and vitalizes your body muscles.

The vibration technique is mostly found on the helmet design head massagers. They are effective for promoting the blood circulation and offering relieved state to the muscles.

 Heat Therapy is one of the best features that a head massager possesses. It is perfect when it comes to soothing your muscles, unwanted pains, and aches.

The heating option is usually found on devices with helmet type designs. The therapy feature is not available for the massagers that are not completely portable.

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The design of the head massager tell you the story of its performance and convenience during the use—It is an essential aspect to consider.

Owning a helmet type designed massager would be a great choice. As it offers some benefits like:

The helmet surface areas are large and would easily fit your head, so bristles can give close and proper contact with your head giving you a proper form of relaxation. 

On the other hand, it follows some drawbacks as well:

The weight of the helmet in head massager can be unfamiliar to some of the users and they feel uncomfortable using it. Even after adjusting straps, it may not work well for them, so this can be a major issue for some users only.

 Massage Attachments

The head massagers use attachments to offer you maximum relief and satisfying massage experience.

4-brush design is the popular design of the massagers. It is a versatile attachment and hence makes your hair resistant to getting it tangled.

The Scrub brushes are a useful feature that is added to the massage attachments, as it exfoliates your skin, removes the dead skin cells and improves the skin’s condition overall.

Equipping a Hairbrush design would take care of health for your scalp and health. This design prevents your hair to lose from your scalp, providing more oxygen and nutrients to your scalp.

Multiple-massage points are another handy attachment. It works with your scalp and relaxing your head muscles, stimulating your blood circulation.


The market is filled with tons of head massagers, so it is not easy to make a direct decision. We tried a lot of massagers and then listed the top 10 devices by keeping into account their features and price.

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