Top 10 Best Foot Massager Reviews & Complete Buyer’s Guide 2020

When you are on your feet for long periods—The recovery from pain is required for relaxing, right?

Foot Massager helps in relaxing the sore arches and knots of your feet, So what’s the best foot massager?

There are hundreds of foot massagers available from multiple companies—We tested most of them and here is the list of top 10 foot massagers. 

List of 10 Best Foot Massagers 2020

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1. Nekteck Foot Massager

Nekteck foot massager comes with 6 amazing massage heads, 18 amazing massager nodes that rotate simultaneously. 

It also has a heating option that can relieve the pain—It’s light and portable, easy to use and maintain because of the built-in handle. 

You also have the option of adjusting the height of the foot massager according to your preference— it requires a power supply of 120 V and the power consumption is 48 W. 

Also, it has a feature of onboard cord storage, so no more messy cords hanging out. 

  • Very reasonable 
  • Heat Feature for relieving the pain effectively
  • provides fast relief. 
  • There are no cons of this product

2. RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager

Renpho foot massager offers deep- kneading shiatsu massage, heated massage, airbag massage, and pressure massage.

The foot massager comes with adjustable intensity— you can adjust your air compression intensity and it also comes with the optional heat option that you can use for creating your custom message.

A standout feature in Renpho foot massager is the detachable cloth cover that makes cleaning and maintaining easier. 

It comes with the touch buttons that can be easily controlled by the user’s feet.

The massage space is very large, will fit in up to (US men feet 12) size feet. 

Renpho foot massager comes with the heat therapy feature for relieving the pain effectively.

The noise of Renpho massager is a bit extra and the heating feature is slow at the start, but overall it’s a good device.

  • Remarkable quality with exquisite features. 
  • Easy to set up and maintain. 
  • Easily Portable. 
  • Custome Massage Features.
  • the heat feature takes a while to set up. 
  • the noise might be a bit extra. 

3. Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager

Miko Shiatsu foot massager comes with the trusted shiatsu therapy that can provide deep therapeutic massage—The targeted heat focuses on acupoints and chases the pain away.

The foot liners present in the massager are washable. Also, it comes with the two remote controls that you can use for changing massage modes.

The adjustable air compression and deflation of the airbags will relax your muscles and nerves. 

Miko foot massager comes with separate feet chambers, deep-kneading, and soothing massage feature by targeting your pressure points. The standout feature is the heat option that can help in relieving the pain.

However, the foot space of the massager is not comfortable and it misses the important parts of the feet such as heel and ankle.

  • Heated massage option. 
  • Reasonable price. 
  • Can treat numbness & medical pain.
  • Best for Aching Feet
  • Its foot space can’t handle all feet sizes. 
  • It does not focus on the heel and ankle.

4. Power fit Foot Massager

Power fit foot massager is a spa-like massager with power legs support. It comes with a vibration and speed feature that you can adjust yourself.

It has a feet massager unit, a wireless remote control, silicon pads, easy to read display, time control, and different speed/intensities. 

The heads are perfectly balanced. Power fit foot massager does not only work for your feet but take care of your legs as well.

The foot massager has 10 amazing massage levels—You always have the option to alter the intensity, speed and the massage type of device.

Power fit foot massager guarantees you the healing from Morton’s neuroma— The Morton’s neuroma is a medical condition that causes immense feet pain.

The only problem is that the device does not come with the heating feature which is common within other massagers.

  • Relief from Morton’s neuroma. 
  • Beautiful design. 
  • The device is compact, which makes it easy to store, easy to maintain.
  • Its design and color can fit any décor. 
  • it’s not an enclosed machine with cushioning rather comes with a flat surface. 
  • Not good for athletes looking for heated massage.

5. Magic Makers Foot And Leg Massager

The magic maker’s foot massager is well known in providing all leg deep compression massages.

A standout feature is that it accelerates the leg fat burning process. The foot massager comes with 6 different speeds and powerful compression for intense pain.

Another good thing is it’s enclosed design—It will help you in reaching the pain points of your leg.

The foot massager has 3 + 3 airbags inside of it—3 massage modes allow you to enjoy different types of massages. 

The extra knee heating feature will solve your knee problems in less time. Also, it comes with a calf massager that has a separate heating system for treating the calf.

The air compression massage technology delivers a very specific 360-degree air compression massage. 

When you are buying the magic maker’s foot massager—You get 30 days full money-back guarantee and 3 years warranty for quality-related issues.

The only problem within the device is that it can’t treat big legs.

  • It can help you lose fats from thighs.
  • Laser-focusing all areas of your leg.
  • Perfect air compression technology for intense pain.
  • Easy to set up and maintain.
  • Portable.
  • Not good for big legs.

6. RENPHO leg massager

Renpho leg & foot massager comes with a sleek design—It provides full massages from your thighs to legs.

The massager comes with 3 massage sequences, 3 high importance massage areas—You can also customize complete massage as per your need.

A standout feature is that you can detach the thigh and calf massager—You can use both massagers at separate body parts, like for arm and leg.

The wraps that are used in Renpho leg and foot massager are made from the finest material—They are flexible and customizable.

The package that comes with this product includes 1 pair of calf and foot wraps, 1 part of the thigh wraps, 1 handheld controller, 1 power adapter and, 1 user manual. 

The little problem within the device is the short cord that you use for connecting the remote to the massager.

  • Simple & Easy to set up and use.
  • Very Quiet and comes with all the auto-massage features.
  • Reasonable price.
  • You can carry it anywhere.
  • Good comfort for numbness and swollen feet.
  • The cord wire that connects the remote to the massager is very short.

7. Cloud Massage shiatsu foot massager

Cloud foot massager comes with the optimum angle comfort bar that you can use for placing your feet anywhere.

It features multiple massage techniques include rolling ball messages, air compression massage and heat massage that helps in better blood circulation.

Cloud foot massager is good for the bottom of feet—Massage will be done with pressure and heat for ensuring the relaxation of stress and regulation of blood flow in your body. 

This foot massager works on the pressure points of your feet for making sure the tightness is relieved. You also get customization choices with the heat functions. All of these features are covered up by a sleek and stylish look.

You will get an adjustable comfort, amazing dual massage feature and we at Massage Future loved the quality of this chair.

The only thing I don’t like is the noise of this massager.

  • High-intensity Kneading Massage.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Good quality build.
  • Able to relieve numbness and severe pain.
  • It’s loud.
  • The heat massage feature is not perfect.

8. RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager

Renpho foot massager is well-known for the deep kneading massage, shiatsu massage, heated massage and, and air pressure massage.

It also has an adjustable massage feature—You can adjust style and type of your massager as per the requirements. Also, you will be able to adjust your air compression intensity.

The foot massager has detachable and washable inner cloth that makes the maintenance easy. It also has a 30 minutes timer feature.

It comes with the touch buttons that you can control with your feet easily and then you also get the remote control for operating.

The standout feature is that it can fit in all the feet sizes, which makes it a universal foot massager for family. The heat therapy that is offered by the Renpho covers different intensities and is also customizable.

The only thing I don’t like about the product is a small remote control screen that makes it a bit difficult to control.

  • Kneading and compression are on-point. 
  • The heat is perfect for people who like it mild and warm.
  • Easy to maintain & Clean.
  • Cheaper when compared with others (regarding features).
  • The remote control cord is small.
  • The remote control screen is small.

9. NAIPO Foot Massager

Naipo foot massager comes with the adjustable massage modes, it’s portable, and also has adjustable options. 

You get a deep kneading shiatsu massage because of the 18 nodes under the soft mesh.

The switchable heat option within foot massager makes sure that you get the right heat during the massage.

It comes with a very convenient touch control option. Also, the design can adjust according to your foot and can cover all the 10 angles.

However, this device is not recommended for people having plump feet, the pain can get worse.

  • The quality is very good.
  • Universal foot massager for family.
  • Able to cure pain for a long-time. 
  • Good pricing for these features.
  • Plump feet can get worse pain.

10. MUCHO Foot And Calf Massager

Mucho foot massager comes with the enclosed design that wraps around your feet and calves. It has 6 modes and 3 intensities—Provides proper calf and foot heating.

The foot massager comes with the 6 modes including auto, pinch, leg, press, foot and, relax— You can mix or combine more than one mode and type of massages.

It comes with 2 extra extenders, in case you need one later. The foot massager is very lightweight and portable.

The whole package includes two calf massager, 2 extra extenders, 1 handheld controller, 1 detailed manual about the massager, 1 12 V 2 A adapter (U L) and one drawstring bag. 

I dislike one thing in this foot massager—It’s not able to provide the user with deep tissue massage.

Similar to an intermittent compression machine but available at a low price.

  • Good for the achy and calf muscles.
  • the massager is lightweight and portable.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Easy to use and provides relief quickly.
  • Not preferred for an intense massage.

Complete Buyer’s Guide for Best Foot Massager

What Is A Foot Massager?

The foot massager is a device that is designed for relieving the pain and stress from your feet muscles. Multiple companies are doing their best to come up with a device that can massage the feet as good as an experienced massage center.

It’s a good device for athletes, walk lovers and someone with normal pain in feet. Some of the companies are successful in providing foot pain relief and others are still trying.

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The Types Of Foot Massager.

There are two types of foot massagers, one is manual, the other is an electrical foot massage or called foot spa.

All of these have a different kind of attributes and variations to them—Let’s discuss all the attributes.

The Manual Foot Massager.

Many of the manual foot massagers are like long tubes—you place these massagers on the floor and roll your feet over the massager, the magic massage happens from your heels to the toes of your foot. 

There are many types of manual foot massagers, which are available in different shapes and sizes.

Many of the manual foot massagers come with different kinds of rollers in it.

Here are all the types…

1) The foot log foot massager. 

This is a very standard type of foot massager—if your feet doing much work daily, then you need this kind of massager, something that is easy to use, is inexpensive and works well at high-intensity. 

2) The foot rub foot massage ball.

Foot massage ball is inexpensive and can provide you with relief from feet conditions like plantar fasciitis—The plantar fasciitis causes severe foot pain.

3) The Theraflow dual foot massager roller. 

The best part about this foot massager is that you can massage both feet at the same time, this type is specifically designed to heal specific areas of your feet such as heel and the ankle. Theraflow massager might be a little expensive than the other manual foot massagers. 

The Electrical Foot Massager.

If you are too tired to roll your feet on the massager, this massager will make sure that you are not doing any work at all—the massaging will be done automatically.

The electrical foot massager has many functions in them, most of them have a rolling function and some of them have an oscillating back and forth motion. 

Although, some of the massagers have both the features in them to provide you with a good full massage. 

Here are some types of Electrical massagers.

1) The foot vibration or vibe massager. 

This electrical foot massager is known for the amazing vibration massages that it offers to the user.

The massager comes with 3 choices including the light treatment, high-frequency vibration, and acupressure massage. These massages mostly focus on the sole of your feet.

2) Shiatsu kneading foot calf and leg massager.

This electric massager is the large massager, it goes up to your calves and sometimes up to your thighs too.

 It normally comes in one piece and sometimes in different pieces and parts that you can join together to make one massager. 

This kind of foot massager normally has 5 or more kinds of massage techniques including shiatsu, kneading, rolling, vibration, and, also heating. 

3) The reflexology foot massager. 

This infrared massager with electrical features is incredibly designed for heat and kneading techniques with different nodes. 

This kind of device said to be the closest to a human touch massage because they offer a very beautifully composed acupressure or reflexology treatment.

 A reflexology treatment will relieve your pain by putting a good amount of pressure on the sole of your feet, and the acupoints. 

4) Electrical foot massager with different speed intensity.

If you need a strong foot massager, that has a high-intensity setting and will give you an amazing massage, then this is perfect for you. 

This kind of massagers is known for having amazing speed and intensity when it comes to strong massages—it’s best for athletes who go through immense pain. 

The Foot Spa 

A foot spa is a massager that works its magic with water and called water foot massager as well.

It does not work with vibrations instead operate with bubbles and water jets just like a jacuzzi. 

This kind of massager will relax your feet, give them a nice light feel.

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Understanding The Mechanics Of The Foot Massager.

To make sure that you are moving on to the right path with your massager device, you need to understand the mechanics of the device.

The Nodes

There are two main mechanics on which the foot massagers work— One is the version of the node, there are nodes inside of the massager that will deeply massage your feet and it will provide you with relaxation. 

As soon as you slide your feet inside the massager, the reflex points are stimulated and the nodes start to work their magic. 

Kneading Discs

The other mechanics that the foot massagers use are the different types of leading discs.

As you can judge from just the name that this involves the kneading of your feet, that means you get a proper deep massage with the help of discs.

Along with the kneading discs, there are the pressure discs too, both of them combined to make sure that you are enjoying the time of your life. The kneading disc focus on your sole and the pressure ones make sure that your ankles and calves are given the same importance. 

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How To Choose Your Foot Massager

Choosing the foot massager is tricky, you need to make sure that you are choosing a device that will be a great fit for your feet. Here are all the things that you should consider before buying any device.

Understand the purpose of your massager.

Different foot massagers are designed to serve different purposes.

Overall, some are there to provide just relief from stress and the others are designed to give you deep therapeutic benefits—They improve the flow of our blood and give us an accurate circulation. 

You should choose the massager depending on your needs, sit back and think for a while about what you need to be done on your feet.

Are you suffering from a certain condition? that you need to take care of such as plantar fasciitis or

 Are you just looking for a normal massager? that will make your pain go away in a jiffy. 

Before Choosing the massager, Know your Feet.

You should answer the below questions:

1) You have to inspect the kind of discomfort that you go through every day, is it just feet or is pain somewhere else too?

This will give you a clarification of whether you should buy a foot or a body massager. 

  • After a long day with heals, do your toes hurt? Or do they become very stiff and crumbly? 
  • After a long day with work or any other activity, do you feel pain in your limbs? 
  • Do you often experience cramps? Or do you feel like your muscles are going to knot up or have already knotted up? 

These points above will help you identify the exact area of your pain and the exact reason for it, then you will be able to buy the right kind of foot massager.

Hydrotherapy will be best for muscles that have hardened up and are giving you a hard time. 

On the other hand, let’s talk about the electrical foot massage which would be great for calf pain and ankle pain, the parts that are normally hard to be covered by different kinds of foot massage.  

Make Sure To Go Through Descriptions And Reviews

Always make sure that you have full information on the product—The best way of knowing everything is by going through the product description and the reviews that are available on the site. 

The description will tell you all about the product and the product reviews will tell you the experience of people.

Here are some bonus features that should consider:

  • Speed controls are present to make sure that you have a variety when it comes to how fast and tight you want the massage to go—we would suggest you keep it light first so that your feet can get used to the speed slowly. 
  • The toe touch controls in foot massager help you control the machine with your feet without going through the hassle of bending down every time.
  • Cordless. This kind of massager is good because you don’t have to carry the cord anywhere with you.
  • Weight. Your massager should be lightweight and easy to move.
  • Infrared heating. There are heating features in every foot massager but you should make sure that your massager has that too.

Advantages Of Using A Foot Massager.

There are plenty of foot massaging techniques that provide different advantages to your body and your feet. All of them affect your body differently and positively.

Here are all the advantages one by one…

Improves blood circulation.

As our lifestyles have changed, we have stopped using our feet as much as we used to, the blood circulation of our bodies are surely disturbed, 10-20 minute massage session will improve the blood circulation in your body, it’s good for people with diabetes.

Injury prevention

A long foot massage will help you get over joint pain, the massage will make sure that the joints are perfectly lubricated, it also cuts down the muscle soreness.

Also, when the muscles are stretched and lubricated, this provides safety for many injuries ahead, not only that, foot massager also gives you a speedy recovery,

You get relaxed by the increase of pumping blood

Our heart is working continuously to pump blood back and forth into and out of our heart, the foot massager will make sure that the blood circulation is elevated and you get a very relaxed feel. 


A massage before bedtime will take all the day time stress away from you and will make sure that you sleep like a baby all night, uninterrupted by pain. 

It helps with chemotherapy and fatigue.

Many pieces of research say that massages have helped patients who have undergone or undergo the painful process of chemotherapy.

Also, a foot massage is said to be effective when it comes to dealing with fatigue. 

Boots brain power

When the acupoints in your feet are triggered, they make sure that your brain is getting enough blood and enough power to operate.

A foot massager also helps with anxiety, depression, migraines and, headaches. 


A foot massager has many exquisite benefits and can surely improve your feet’ health over time.

We tested all these massagers here one by one and you can surely rely on this information for buying your device.

What do you think is the best foot massager? Let me know in the comments… 

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