Top 10 Best Back Brace for Sciatica 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

We tried 10 Back braces from multiple companies on Sciatica patient and Here are the in-depth best back brace for sciatica reviews…

Sciatica is a common problem for elderly people that are caused by irritation of nerve root. Sciatica can seriously affect one’s health, mentality and it has some of the diverse effects.

Back brace lowers down the back pain and offers sufficient compression to the lumbar region that helps you in correcting your posture and fast healing.

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1. DDS G2 Lumbar Decompression Belt

The DDS G2 lumbar decompression belt ensures the users that they don’t have to undergo any sort of surgery or intake of drugs. You just need to tighten this belt around your waist and get ready to tackle the back pain or Sciatica.

This back brace doesn’t cause the ventilation problem as the design suggests it—The belt is easy to use and flimsy in weight that improves the mobility, freedom of movement, and alleviates the pain all at once.

You need to wear it properly under the clothing so that it doesn’t bother you from the daily tasks.

The G2 belt makes sure you’ve got a healthy and active lifestyle while wearing the back brace so that you take full advantage of the belt and reduce the pain effectively. 

The fabric of the belt is made from soft lining and is 100% breathable—The belt is incorporated with the laundry bag.

This back brace is good in alleviating the muscle spasms, muscle atrophy, and it will help you in reducing the medication intake. 

The lightweight material allows you to wear daily and correct your posture as well as the spinal alignment. 

  • Moves your weight away from the spine.
  • It is washable, so easier to maintain and clean.
  • Padded lining averts the chafing and enhances comfort.
  • Suitable to most of the body types.
  • It doesn’t come with the heating element.

2. Mueller 255 Lumbar Support Back Brace

If you’re dealing with a back strain and arthritis conditions, then it’s time to invest in high-quality back support. Mueller is a perfect way to start with, which would ensure you for quick pain relief and offers complete support for your back.

The Mueller back brace is made from the washable and breathable material that makes it ideal for the patients to use it constantly for their back pain and to offer superior support. 

This back brace for Sciatica is adjustable and comes with the 2 sizes: regular size, plus size. The regular size of the brace has circumference from 28 to 50 inches. The plus offers you a broad range of the width of 50 to 70 inches.

It comes with the double compression mechanism—Internal Molded Plastic, and Medical Velcro that fits on your body perfectly and doesn’t bother you while you’re engaging with any outdoor activity.

Another notable feature of the back brace is the removable lumbar pad cushions that provide tensions and compresses your lower back region to offer you a sigh of relief.

  • It comes with supportive metal springs for extra rigidity and support.
  • It has variable sizes and fits easily.
  • Made from top-quality material.
  • It has adjustable compression and tension.
  • The steel springs may add weight and slow you down.
  • It may cause problems for thinner people.

3. COMFYMED Quality Back Brace

If you want a back brace that doesn’t limit you from everyday activities then picking ComfyMed would be a good decision to consider. 

This back brace is effective for the Sciatica affected people as it tenders the lower back region comprehensively. 

You can finally say goodbye to the unwanted pains that are present for a long time. This back brace is designed to treat the Sciatica by compressing in the lower torso region and gives immediate access to pain relief.

The size of the brace is from 26 to 50 inches, which is an ideal size for males and females. Other than that, this back brace is made up of a premium material that can serve in the long run. 

Also, it is flimsy and comfortable at the same time that gives you freedom of movement.

To get the best possible treatment, there is a removable lumbar pad and 3 supportive bones that can be used for targeted compression for any specific area. COMFYMED back brace allows you a custom fit as well.

One thing that you would love is that it doesn’t certainly treat Sciatica but also offers its reach to other main issues related to the lower back region. A large surface area of the brace covers almost every part of your back. 

  • Offers you therapeutic warmth.
  • Long-lasting and washable material.
  • Effective for your lower back pain.
  • Restricted to use for just 4 hours.
  • If it is tight then cause breathing difficulties.

4. AidBrace Back Brace Support Belt

There are a lot of back braces available in the market that do not absorb sweat. But, Aidbrace is good at absorbing your sweat completely—The breathable vented mesh lets the air ventilate easily, giving your skin a cool and fresh feel.

This belt has a unique curve from the side that is specifically designed to minimize the amount of pressure and improves the comfort level for ached and abdominal areas.

What’s the best part of this belt? It gives you a hasty solution and snappy recovery from diseases like Osteoporosis, degenerative discs diseases, Sciatica, and scoliosis.

The material is of the premium quality and allows you for long term use. The quality of the back brace doesn’t bother your skin and perfectly fixes on your waist to provide optimal comfort and lowering down your back pain.

It comes with 2 straps for improved compression and support. The design of the back brace helps you in getting a proper posture and gets you relief from any condition like Sociatica easily.

  • It comes with triple crossover shoulder straps for added support.
  • The breathable mesh of the brace offers the utmost comfort.
  • Great for your belly support.
  • Velcro may lack effectiveness as compared to other braces.

5. NeoTech Care – Adjustable Double Pull Lumbar Brace

NeoTech is serving its customers from a long-time; its main aim is to produce high-quality and lightweight material for relieving the unwanted body pains.

The NeoTech back brace doesn’t only assist you in relieving down the back pain but provides support while you are at the gym performing your exercise—It helps you in getting a correct posture and fits under clothing seamlessly. 

Moreover, the size chart contains 5 different sizes for you from small to xxx-large. A size chart of the back brace is available to help you anytime whenever you order the product.

The best thing about the belt is that it would never make you sweaty and absorbs the excess of heat—making it the right choice for weightlifters. 

NeoTech back brace is quite effective for the Sciatica people that mainly targets the lower back region and minimizes the pain.

The brand has great customer service, so if you’re not satisfied with the quality of the product then you can contact them for return. Besides this, the back brace is flimsy in weight that can offer the best level of comfort.

  • It has customizable and breathable elastic panels for the side.
  • It is made up of polyester.
  • Compression straps ease down the muscle spasms and herniated discs.
  • The size chart of this belt may muddle many users.

6. ARRIS Ice Pack – For Lower Back Pain Relief

The Arris IcePack works with the cold and hot pack to offer you complete relief and soothing state for your back muscles. It is considered as one of the best back braces for Sciatica nerve pain.

The embedded icepack on the belt that is made from the neoprene construction lets you feel the therapeutic effects on your body and gives a cozy feeling on your back. Also, it offers you fast healing, utmost comfort while you’re using it.

The back brace is supported by the dual elastic bands to provide maximal aid while you’re performing any sort of physical activities and silicone lining prevents it to slip from your waist. The elasticity of the band let it adjust all the sizes easily.

It comes with just one size that ensures to fit from average body to plus size body. However, it is suggested to not to wear for the users that have circumference over 48 inches.

This Arris cold-pack is adjustable that allows you in controlling the compression. It perfectly fits on the lumbar region, spine backbone, and covers the whole region so that you can gain maximum benefit from cold therapy.

  • Get rid of muscle spasms.
  • Good quality construction.
  • The wrap is comfy to wear.
  • Heat is efficient in relaxing the muscles.
  • Back brace has a small stiffener that doesn’t offer much support.

7. Sparthos Mesh Back Brace

The Sparthos mesh back brace is lightweight enough to wear outside, making it suitable for every temperature. This belt is strong enough to offer you a great amount of support with its best-made fabric.

You can say goodbye to the pain other than the Sciatica which involves herniated disc disease, scoliosis, and other spin-related conditions. 

This will make sure that you’re not left with any unwanted pain with its soothing and relieving effect on the affected areas.

This medical back brace is incorporated with a removable lumbar pad which is adjustable and offers you additional compression. It includes vertical support that stabilizes the back and averts it from rolling while you’re busy in your everyday activities.

What’s more? The belt comes with the bearable mesh and fabric so that you can use it for hours. 

Other than that, the elastic band on the brace allows you to extend it according to your waist, making it a perfect size for you.

  • The porous and breathable won’t make you sweaty or even feel hot.
  • Fits easily under loose wearing.
  • It has a detachable lumbar pad.
  • Velcro straps provide longevity as compared to the ordinary ones.
  • Women that have curvy waists may face issues in wearing.
  • It’s not washable.

8. Fire Team Fit – Weight Lifting Belt for Men and Women

It is one of the sturdiest back brace available in the athletic store. It offers a comfort state with its lightweight material—The belt helps you in developing your core and improving muscle strength.

This back brace is dissimilar to some of the belts out there, as it comes with the hook and loop that support the strap and gives a perfect fit to your back and hinders the belt from falling or loosening it from the body. 

It perfectly fits on your body for letting you do the regular tasks easily.

The flimsy design of the back brace enables you to lift the weights easily and prevents your back from being subjected to hyperextension or any sort of injury—The belt is effective and safe to use in lifting down the weights or any exercise you perform that involves weight.

What’s more? You get a lifetime warranty if anything seems wrong with the product, the brand award you with the new brace without questioning you, that’s how nice their customer support is.

  • Straightforward to use with just fastening the Velcro straps.
  • Customer support is great.
  • The design intends to offer you pure comfort.
  • Comes with multiple colors and designs.
  • This belt may not be a perfect choice for weightlifters.

9. Ergodyne ProFlex 2000SF Back Support

Ergodyne back brace is equipped with multiple features that can do your work nicely and helps you get in a proper form while you’re at the gym. 

It comes with the rubber track webbing that aids you in maintaining your position and doesn’t allow the belt to move in any way.

Moreover, you can adjust the straps to fix it properly without causing tension; this would help you in carrying a good number of weights or heavy objects by rendering support to the lower back or abdominal areas.

One more important thing that you need to know is that securing or compressing the straps will improve the inter-abdominal pressure and it would help in melting down the stress and pain.

However, if the back brace is utilized properly—it will ensure maximal lumbar support and helps you in regaining correct shape and safe techniques to ensure that you pick up the heaviest of objects easily and firmly. 

  • Belt allows you to wear for an overlong use.
  • It has a good fit under clothing.
  • Straps are stiff and supportive at the lower back.
  • Comes at a fine price.
  • It may cause size chart issues.
  • Some users say, it offers inadequate support.

10. FITGAME Back Brace

If you’re looking for reliable and durable back support to lower down your Sciatica then try considering Fitgame back brace and I’m sure that it won’t disappoint you.

The design of the back brace is kept simple for easy to use and the belt is highly adjustable with its double adjustment feature. 

All you need to do is tight the Velcro straps according to the shape and size of your body. These adjustments ensure you have good lumbar support whenever you wear. 

Other than that, it is equipped with the inner pocket that allows us to place ice, cushion, and other small stuff.

Worried about sweating and discomfort? 

This back brace is made from the pure breathable and non-sweating fabric—The belt is lightweight and compact that it doesn’t feel during the walk, exercise, and workout.

The belt is comfortable enough in maintaining your healthy posture and prevents you from getting wrong angles so that you can undergo a fast recovery. 

The FITGAME is ultra-flexible, which makes it for you to twist it naturally and giving you a complete core and strength. 

  • Offers enough support for Sciatica affected users.
  • The belt is comfy and easy to wear.
  • Provide excellent support to enable you for daily tasks.
  • Not comfortable enough for long hours of use.
  • A little bit bulky.

 What things to consider when you buy a back brace for Sciatica:

Many different types of back braces and support are available on the market. But before you go ahead, some important factors need to be taken into account:

Comfort Level

So for Sciatica affected people, they are advised to wear the back braces for several hours in a day and night. 

They must ensure that the back brace is comfortable enough to serve you for a long-time without any irritation. 

With the broad range of braces available and their types, they must invest in a back brace that targets the lower back pain.


This is another important aspect that should be noted. You can see a wide array of back braces that are made up of different materials. 

You must go for a belt or support that is made up of washable and elastic material so that it allows you for ventilation. 

Some users buy 2 braces, which makes it easy for you to wash and you have another alternative brace to wear.


This factor relates to pregnant ladies that undergo excruciating pain. The adjustable back braces or support are effective for post-delivery. 

This gives you ultimate comfort through its pressure and tension, making it good for your weight loss too. 

Anti-slip feature

If you’re navigating for the best back brace for Sciatica then you should make sure that it consists of anti-slip technology. 

What does that do? The anti-slip feature allows your belt to be fixed on the place you adjusted and let you freely do other activities that involve cycling, jogging, or any outdoor tasks.

I hope that this will give you an idea that how, where, when, and what time you can get and buy the right product.

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